My first…

I’m going to get my first Mac!
I’m so excited & I can’t wait… (with Windows that is, I’m still a bit “scared” of Apple).

Apple Mac

Apple Mac

What Apple products to YOU use? How long did it take you to get used to them? How satisfied are you & what would you change? Do you have any tips for me? Do’s & don’ts ?

17 Comments to “My first…”

  1. Once you start using your Mac, you will be converted for life. Have fun!

  2. You won’t look back! Amazing!

  3. Welcome to Appleville!!! You will never look back! Love love love my ipad, iphone, Mac and ipod… 62 and blond, so if i can use them easily, anyone can!!!! Ha

  4. Ahhh, I want a Mac too!! I’ll have to wait. I have an iPhone…that’s the only Apple product I own. lol and it’s my first smartphone–got it this summer.

  5. With a son-in-law newly employed at Apple. buying a half-price Mac Air was more or less compulsory.

    It is still taking me a while to get used to it though. The good news is the free workshops at any Apple store.

  6. It’s more thin and light than I expected! It’s soooo beautiful! I’m happy :)
    (Don’t tell anyone I called our IT-guys already twice, ’cause I couldn’t even connect to internet)

  7. OK, so dear readers, HELP!
    How do I import the music from the ITunes on my IPhone to my MacBook Air? I switched on “homesharing”. Unfortunately all settings are in Dutch & I’m not managing to switch to English.

  8. You might regret the Windows part! Believe you me, use a Mac OS you’ll cringe at the thought of Windows – tho have recently been working with Windows at school and Mac at home and that’s been an interesting brain twister. But it’s all the same in the end. They are all good. …and they all piss us off some of the time. The question is: How many times are you delighted and how intense is the delight? and does that outweigh whatever it’s doing that is annoying.

  9. I have the same laptop and it is awesome. Mine is 2 years old now :) Have been using Mac for 10 years now. The best experience ever. Smooth, fast, seamless :) Enjoy!!!

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