Natural flu shot

I still didn’t *KNOCKS ON WOOD get the flu this year.
Everyone seems to have already gotten it here in The Netherlands.
Wonder how I’ve been battling it?

*Peel and grate some ginger, put in a teapot or cup
*Crush a chilli pepper and add to the pot or cup
*Add boiled water, cover with a lid or plate or tin foil
*After 5 minutes, add half a lemon, squeezed
*Add a spoon or 2 of honey
*Drink hot; a cup (or 2) in the morning and a cup (or 2) before going asleep.
This tea is also supertasty when drunk cold.

Good luck & stay healthy!

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6 Comments to “Natural flu shot”

  1. Heeeey – great bit post-creation here. :) Well done! A style to imitate.

  2. Nice “wedang” recipe! I cannot handle chili pepper so I use Borneo White Pepper (whole pepper, crushed) instead. I also use white honey from Sumbawa. It’s a nice, nice, nice drink! :D
    Thank you for sharing the recipe!

    • Had to look up Wedang;Wedang Jahe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jahe is a type of Indonesian ginger tea. Jahe means “ginger”.
      Wow :) And I just combined some lovely flavours and qualities to not get sick :)

  3. :D So you had no idea what wedang was and you made one! LoL

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