Where to eat in Amsterdam?

Dutchies are not foodies.

I sometimes do not feel at home in my homecountry, because I live to eat and the Dutch eat to live.

With my passion for good food I don’t think I live in the right country. Here for I try to import as much good stuff as possible and to escape as much as possible. I also generally do not eat the local snackfood anymore during or after partying, I even cook in the middle of the night…

But sometimes, one does want to visit a restaurant. To keep you from falling into the same trap as I have many times, for you to avoid the touristplaces, I hereby (in random order!) present you MY FAVOURITE restaurant recommendations in Amsterdam!

  • Restaurant Moeders
    Affordable (huge plates!), authentic Dutch food, Try a Stamppot! & Have the Old Dutch dessert combination!
    Perfect place to bring anyone’s mother. Do reserve! Quickly full.
    *Mon-Sun 17.00-1 (Kitchen till 22.30), Rozengracht 251 http://www.moeders.com
  • Restaurant Bazar calls itself a “world-eatinghouse”, it’s not a fancy restaurant. It’s in a former church. It’s really pretty inside. Dishes (Eastern, Turkish. etc. Good mix, something for everyone) come in all sizes, from Mezze, soups, to dayspecials etc. A maincourse is very big, (I’m a huge eater and can’t finish a plate.) I prefer to take more smaller dishes to try together. My favourite dish is the mercimek Corbas- Turkish lentilsoup. Ofcourse with sucuk (Turkish garlicsausage) and yoghurtsauce. Snacks untill 15 min before closing!
    *Albert Cuypstraat 182, Monday- Thursday 11.00- 24.00/Friday 11.00 -01.00/Saturday 11.00-01.00/ Sunday 11.00 -24.00. https://www.bazaramsterdam.nl
  • Worst – sausage and winebar. Worst means sausage.
    My favourite newest discovery!  My favourite was the wild boar sausage with “Hete bliksem”, a typical Dutch-must-try and a good glass of Cava.
    * Barentszstraat 171, Tuesday-Saturday 16.00-00.00/Sunday 10.00-22.00. Monday closed. http://deworst.nl
  • Cafe Loetje– Worldfamous amongst the Dutch for the best steak. I have to say I had better in Croatia, Slovenia & Spain, but for Amsterdam standards it’s definitely very good and possibly the best. No-nonsense Dutch style & mentality (“Hey, you here again?” instead of “How can I help you,Sir/Madam, welcome”.) They have a few restaurants, the most central one is around the corner of the Museumplein, on the border of De Pijp and Centrum; on the corner of Johannes Vermeerstraat & Ruysdaelstraat. http://www.cafeloetje.nl
  • De Culinaire Werkplaats. Not a restaurant! Vegetarian eating experience & concepts. Benelux best vegetable restaurant 2012, excellent concept, very special! An eat’inspiration consists of 5 dishes: an eat.cocktail, 2 savourish dishes, and 2 sweetish dishes. these dishes are an interpretation of regularly changing inspirational concepts, like black, honesty, flowers, or emotions.  Reservation very recommended! After you have eaten you decide on how much you will pay.
    * Next to Westerpark; Fannius Scholtenstraat 10. http://www.deculinairewerkplaats.nl
    Here my blogposts about this place: https://dlcsmanagement.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/pure-pact-by-veggie-in-pumps-at-de-culinaire-werkplaats  https://dlcsmanagement.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/the-naturalists-foodfashion-dinner-experience    https://dlcsmanagement.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/kind-of-a-journalist-organic-haircare
  • Sari Citra. Again an “eatinghouse”, no restaurant. NOTE: The dishes are made of plastic. BUT (also according to my Indonesian grandmom:) The best Indonesian food in Amsterdam!  Try for example a Nasi Kunin if available, a festive anc complete Indonesian “Rijsttafel”. If you’re not superhungry, try my favourite snack; Lemper. It’s a steamed rice roll stuffed with spiced & chicken. My childhood favourite snack ever. (And no I haven’t been brave enough to try to make them myself) *Ferdinand Bolstraat 52, Hours  Mon – Sun:14.00-21.00h. No website.
  • Amsterdam’s best Spanish restaurant; La Oliva Pinxtos y vino. From 17.00 freshly made Pinxtos will be on the bar for you to choose. You decide what you want, tell the waitress and she’ll warm it up if required and delivers nicely presented to your table.                                                                                                                                               *Mon-Wed 12.00- 22.00, Thursday-Saturday 12.00-23.00, Sunday 12.00- 22.00. Egelantiersstraat 122-124 http://www.laoliva.nl 

On my still-to-visit-list

  • Ams’ best Japanese restaurant in the Okura hotel; Yamazato, lunch: 14.00, dinner 18.00- 21.30. Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 http://www.yamazato.nl/en
  • Restaurant Red serves lobster, tournedos and not much more, 7 days a week, 18.00-00.00. Sounds perfect, right? Keizersgracht 594 http://www.restaurantred.nl
  • Restaurant Marius has been chosen as (one of) Ams’ best restaurants, but I’ve never been there yet.
    They present themselves  as “small livingroom restaurant with a daily changing 4 course menu”. One of my favourites, Worst, is the little causin (and next door) of this place. Sunday & Monday closed. Barentszstraat 173 http://deworst.nl/restaurant-marius-table-dhote
Worst Amsterdam

Worst Amsterdam

Please do let me know if you have visited one of the places, what did you eat and how was it? Do you know any other places I should definitely visit in Ams too?

15 Comments to “Where to eat in Amsterdam?”

  1. I used to eat in the restaurant in the department store Vroom and Dreesman (?)at the end of the Rokin. Great for an everyday affordable meal. Is it still there?

    • That should be La Place. Yes, i think it’s still there, but I never go there. They also have one (I wouldn’t call it a restaurant really) on the top floor of the OBA (Public library) next to central Station. Good view and good capucinno.

      • Ah yes La Place. It may say something bad about Ireland but we just don’t have any restaurants quite that good at that value…probably not for foodies though :)

  2. I like these sentences “I live to eat and the Dutch eat to live” and “I even cook in the middle of the night” :) haha

  3. Yes, it is unfortunately for English speakers that a restaurant is called ‘Worst’. A bit like those ‘Bad’ towns in Germany. I know Bazar and will try some of the others when I’m back in Amsterdam (only a few more weeks!) Thanks.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you found my review of Brasserie Vlaming. I highly recommend it! Would love to know what your experience is if you ever go there! =)

  5. Thanks for the tips! There are a few ones I haven’t tried yet. I’ve been to Yamazato many times (and also Sazanka, the teppanyaki restaurant in Okura). Yamazato is great!! A bit expensive (especially if you have some nice sake with your food), but it’s the best sushi you’ll ever eat in NL!!!

  6. Wish I could have seen this before I went to Amsterdam last summer! I was so disappointed, I walked and walked and couldn’t find any nice restaurants with authentic Dutch food!

  7. Nice blog! I know two of the restaurants you mention. I have been at Bazar but was very disappointed: temperature of the food too low, uninspired meat dish, nothing special. Let’s hope it was a bad night for them and I just picked the wrong time to visit.
    I have been to La Oliva many times, absolutely love the food and the atmosphere and they have nice wines too.

  8. Oh I feel the same as Glutenfreepeach. When I was in Amsterdam, I only saw Italian, Mexico, Argentinian, Brazilian… restaurants and couldn’t find any Dutch restaurant at all. Thanks for the tips. Hope that I’d come back to Amsterdam one day to visit restaurants that you mentioned here. Thanks for sharing!

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