EatWith – a new way of culinary tourism/a new dining experience is a global community marketplace offering unique dining experiences in private homes around the world. Connect with amazing hosts, meet new people and experience the hottest new foodie trend!

When EatWith founder Guy Michlin was on vacation in Crete, the best meal he had was in the home of a local instead of in a restaurant. After visiting the tourist restaurants his wife and he found this personal experience so special, it was worth much more than a visit to a restaurant. He came up with a new business concept, so everyone could experience food this unique way.

EatWith has started the set up of this food community experience in Israel and Spain and will soon expand to the rest of the world.

As host, you choose the menu, dates, times and price. EatWith acts as an intermediary between the two parties and takes 15% on the total price of the dinner or lunch.

The set-up of this  “global community that brings together people who are passionate about cooking  and travelers looking for a different lunch or dinner” has commenced in Israel and Spain, but keep your eyes open; soon you will encounter Eatwith in many more places! Keep an eye on them! I say this community that lets you enjoy authentic and intimate dining experiences in people’s homes will be booming!

Check out the site & browse through your potential future hosts’ profiles:



What do you think about this new concept? Will you join the community when it comes to your hometown or when you visit a new place? 

2 Comments to “EatWith – a new way of culinary tourism/a new dining experience”

  1. EatWith is a global community that invites you to dine in private homes around the world. Guests can connect with amazing hosts and share stories whilst enjoying delicious homemade cuisine. Meet new people and join the latest social dining trend in Israel!

  2. In addition to Israel, EatWith has also launched in Spain, and has plans to slowly roll out their business model around the world, with their sights set on Italy next. They’re moving slowly to ensure that there is quality control every step of the way. “The idea ultimately is to be global because we want to provide tourists the opportunity to go wherever they travel. We vet each and every host to make sure everyone has an amazing experience. Since we need to control them we need to have people on the ground so we can’t open the whole world [at once]. So, we’re going country by country.“ Soon enough, look for EatWith in a country near you.

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