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April 9, 2013


Even as as student I loved quality food. That’s actually the time I started experimenting with cooking; many of my friends often ate at my place.

I am horrified when I see what some students consume for dinner… they often consider cooking a burden, or think they don’t know how to cook and of course there are more important things in life than spending too much time on preparing food. Nowadays in The Netherlands many ingredients are pre-cut, pre-washed and even pre-sorted in order to create a quick meal. On top of that there are many choices of ready made sauces, soups etc., all of course full of additives….

Baked beans- studentfood by DLCS Management

Baked beans- studentfood by DLCS Management

What did you eat when you were (are?) a student?  Did you cook?  Did you consume enough vitamins?  Were you aware of the fact that studying would be “easier” after consuming “brainfood” ?