Even as as student I loved quality food. That’s actually the time I started experimenting with cooking; many of my friends often ate at my place.

I am horrified when I see what some students consume for dinner… they often consider cooking a burden, or think they don’t know how to cook and of course there are more important things in life than spending too much time on preparing food. Nowadays in The Netherlands many ingredients are pre-cut, pre-washed and even pre-sorted in order to create a quick meal. On top of that there are many choices of ready made sauces, soups etc., all of course full of additives….

Baked beans- studentfood by DLCS Management

Baked beans- studentfood by DLCS Management

What did you eat when you were (are?) a student?  Did you cook?  Did you consume enough vitamins?  Were you aware of the fact that studying would be “easier” after consuming “brainfood” ?

10 Comments to “Studentfood”

  1. Yep! During my Bio and Chem course at uni I would prepare sandwiches or salads for packed lunch and make a simple dinner from scratch. The weekends would be really fun because I would get a warm lunch. Salmon and Brazil nuts were my favourite brainfoods. (And Red Bull was my brain drink, unfortunately!). During exam time I would end up consuming a lot of sandwiches, but at least they would be well-filled and I didn’t consume a single pot of noodles with powder-broth in 4 years!

  2. I’m a student (again) but what I eat often doesn’t have so much to do with the time I spend cooking but with my budget. It also depends on whether I have to share my kitchen with some dirty people – in which case I don’t become very inspired to eat.

    I live in Portugal, where it’s cheap to eat fresh food but in the NL and in many other countries decent food is expensive, so people opt for crap food because it’s cheap. Sadly this doesn’t go just for students but also for people on a budget.

    • Exactly! I do understand that many people are on a budget, but for me (good) food has always been too important to save money on. Pasta with olive oil or tomato sauce is affordable for example…so is a can of’s actually cheaper than some crap I see Dutch students eat! I know students that lived on bread and water (and have dinner at my or other friends’places) to save money and be able to travel. Well this is probably the reason I’ve never bought myself a planeticket to travel outside Europe yet, but I have always eaten well.

      And yes, sharing a nasty kitchen would turn me off too. I’d buy a Campinggaz and small fridge put it in my room!

      Anana, are you Dutch too?

  3. MY favorite “student” food was big huge salads ( lettuce and other vegetables) with everything in them: wurstel, boiled eggs, meat, ham, salame, bacon, cheese, corn, different types of beans and more. My idea was to have all in one dish without spending time cooking, also because I had and i still have a big problem: I cannot cook well if i’m stressed or if i’m thinking about something else. And while I was studying my mind was always “in a book” and not in the kitchen with me!!!

  4. The secret is to find housemates who like to cook. As long as you’re prepared to do the washing up, you’ll be allowed to enjoy the arrangement.

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