1st BBQ of the season!

Improvised, unplanned and spontaneous. Image


12 Comments to “1st BBQ of the season!”

  1. This makes me miss home even more! But “Improvised, unplanned and spontaneous.” I thought the Dutch had outlawed those :p

  2. Nicely done! Loving the roof top BBQ action!

  3. Lekker eten! You’re very wise not to unpack the folding chairs just yet – in this weather pattern, anything could happen.

    • Actually it was quite clear on Sunday and pretty sure it wouldn’t rain (And you’re right, it’s never 100% sure it won’t rain here, we are known for being able to experience 4 seasons in 1 day). It’s just that we were only 3 and we were using other chairs & a table which you can’t see on the pic ;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by; love the first BBQ!

  5. I find that picture one of the most appealing ones that I have seen in weeks. I want some fire roasted chilis RIGHT now.

  6. Can you all believe that since that BBQ the weather has not been that good anymore? It’s supposed to be spring.. almost siummer here…and well it’s not.

    • Yes, it has been in the fifties here today and it’s late spring, but I had the most miserable summer of my life last summer and my home state was on fire, so I will take these cloudy days. BBQ under an umbrella! That picture still looks so delicious to me. Love your posts.

      • Where about are you? We “do” Celcius over here and it was about 15c and it’s the end of spring/beginning of summer. I have no idea how warm 50’s is…They are predicting we will have the coldest summer in 200 years here..
        Thank you! It’s always noce to hear someone actually reads what I post!

      • Of course I do! I also comment on pictures that move me, and this one certainly did. Sorry that I’m so North Amero-centric. Need to travel again :) I’m in the Mountain Standard Time Zone.

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