A Saturday in Amsterdam..

Museum & market.







2 Comments to “A Saturday in Amsterdam..”

  1. Hm, why is there a green banana among the vegetables – does it go in with the fish and vegetables :)

  2. I wasn’t planning to combine everything there, it’s just everything I bought on the market yesterday. Hence the bike bell left of the food and if you look well on the left of the bananas there’s also a piece of duck in duckfat (I wish I cou;ld buy some proper porkfat here). I ate the fish yesterday, simple “na lešo”. BUT in Jamaica or Surinam for example, they would combine the bananas with the fish! Unusual combination in Europa, but I’ll try one day. I love exotic foods and I have the perfect cookbook for that; the Reggae Reggae cookbook… https://dlcsmanagement.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/cookingbooks-or-cookbooks .

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