Once upon a time in Mexico…

Ever since I’ve seen this movie, I just wanted to try Conichita or Puerco Pibil. Others were more into Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas or Salma Hayek, I was just turned on by the dish.

So… what is Conichita Pibil, I hear you wondering? Check it out;

So, when some friends of mine asked me if I wanted to join them for dinner at Los Pilones, a Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam, I already knew what to order. I’ve always been curious about this popular place with 3 subsidiaries in town (I had only been inside to buy a bottle of the tequila they import themselves), but I thought maybe it’s just “one of those touristplaces”.. Turns out; I was wrong!

Conichita pibil-Los Pilones Amsterdam

Conichita pibil-Los Pilones Amsterdam

We had nachos with guacamole and salsa to start off with. Besides the pork, I had a homemade lemonade which was excellent and refreshing, ofcourse an añejo (aged tequila) and we shared desserts; the cheesecake was good but I’ve had better and the Crepa de cajeta, a pancake with a sauce of caramelised condensed milk & walnuts was just heavenly. The quality of the food was very good, the puerco had been cooked so tender that I almost thought it was chicken, flavours were great, service is lovely, locations are excellent, prices decent and one of the desserts was even amazing. Plus I love it when I get served a pan or pot on the table .  Two people from my company had been to Mexico and they said the flavours tonight were very similar to what they ate in Mexico.


One Comment to “Once upon a time in Mexico…”

  1. Sounds like a good place to eat, I shall keep it in mind ;)

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