Mumbai Smiles – A Sporty day for the children of Balwadis.

A Sporty day for the children of our Balwadis.

Under the various Education Projects undertaken by Mumbai Smiles, one of the projects is known as the ‘Balwadis’, which are pre-school educational centres. It’s a project that cultivates healthy habits though education among children from 1 to 6 years of age. It’s through this project that Mumbai Smiles reaches out to approximately 700 children living in the slums of Mumbai and ensures quality education along with promoting the development of sound health and nutrition among them.

Among its various activities planned by Mumbai Smiles for these children throughout the year, one was a Sport competition for these little ones.

As we all know, participating in sports can have a healthy developmental impact on young children. These activities can promote cooperative play, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Sports also help children in getting along with their peers, family members, teachers, and coaches. As also through positive feedback, group play builds self-esteem, helps children accomplish significant achievements.

With this in mind, sports competitions were organized at all our 23 Balwadi centres a few weeks back. The primary objective behind organizing these competitions was to enable the students to have fun outside the class environment. Students demonstrated active participation in all the sports such as Basketball, Racing, Book balancing, Lemon and spoon etc. The activities were held in open areas surrounding the Balwadi centres. As always, parents and the people of the community were present to encourage these children.

The day came to end with attractive prizes being distributed among all these wonderful children as an appreciation and motivation for their participation.



Mumbai Smiles - sports day Balawis

Mumbai Smiles – sports day Balawis


Mumbai Smiles - sports day Balawis

Mumbai Smiles – sports day Balawis

Mumbai Smiles - sports day Balawis

Mumbai Smiles – sports day Balawis


With thanks to Natasha Rolston of Mumbai Smiles for providing text and pictures. 

More info about the Balwadis HERE

How can you contribute and donate a smile? Check Mumbai Smiles’s website HERE


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