I had never expected people to be interested in what I write here. I’m grateful to have so many readers (50.136 so far!) and followers (1003 by now!)!


To celebrate, here’s a short clip I made during one of the festivities in Badalona, Catalunya I attended last week. What you see is the traditional Catalonian Ball de bastons (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈbaʎ də βəsˈtons]stick dance) is the name of a ritual weapon dance spread throughout Europe and the rest of the Iberian area (cossiers in Majorca, Portuguese pauliteiros, Aragonese palotiau, Basque ezpatadantza and Spanish paloteo or troqueado) but mostly in Catalonia. English and Welsh Morris dances are well-known relatives to these traditions. The origins of dance are difficult to reference; first recorded mention dates to 1150, in a banquet of Count Berenguer IV) (with thanks to Wikipedia)


As promised a few posts ago HERE , I announced I would thank # 1000 with a personal gift.

Thank you Nikki Lehnert  (http://nikkilehnert.wordpress.comfor being my 1000th follower!!
I think you might be in the crazy city of Amsterdam now, could you let me know how long you are staying?
Perhaps I could meet you and give you my gift personally. Or show you one/some of my favorite hotspots and buy you a drink.