Grey hairs.

When I discovered my first grey hair when I was beginning 20’s, I panicked and called my dad. He calmed me down by making me laugh with his unique sense of humour (Some of you might not get it, for that I apologise). I remember this moment clearly. I was in the bathroom at my job, looking in the mirror. I don’t remember what I was scared of. My dad then told me: “Don’t worry, when your pubic hairs start becoming grey, that’s when you are getting old.”.

Soon after this, he passed away. The only parent I had left. I trusted him, I told him everything. I was so close to him. After not being there for me when I was little, he made up to me when I was growing up, gave me a beautiful little sister and then he went. I’m grateful I’ve had those years with the better version of him while growing up, but I’ve been so angry and sad that she won’t grow up with him and his wisdom.

On other people I always find grey hairs charming. It took a while, but for this reason I learnt to accept the fact I was getting grey hairs too. Good, because I’m a dark haired person now closer to 40’s than 30’s (even though it doesn’t always feels this way) and from then on I got many more.

I’ve met a few men that dye their grey hairs and this to me shows their insecurity, makes them look weaker in my eyes. Is it a coincidence that these men always drive huge cars? Somehow I associate a man with grey hair as strong and wise, full of knowledge, not full of years. Those insecure guys that are afraid to show their grey hairs, do they not wish for more knowledge? Do they want to stay boys for ever?

This post started as an introduction on Conscious coloring with hair brownies from Instituut Haar en Gezondheid, but became a super personal post instead. On that note,

How do YOU feel about grey hairs? On yourself and on others?

dyeing my grey hair

Dyeing my grey hairs at Instituut Haar en Gezondheid (See my last post HERE). Curious about the result? Keep an eye on the blog! 


6 Comments to “Grey hairs.”

  1. Just found my first one, white actually and I can’t wait for them all to go so I’m awesome like my dad

  2. I got home from the barber yesterday afternoon… my good lady wife commented that now my hair is shorter the back of my head looks a lot greyer! My beard is almost white so I suppose my hair is just catching up!
    BTW… your dad was right… so, I’ll forever keep dyeing my pubic hair!! 😉 Wise man he was, as you say! 🙂

  3. Even though I’m an ageless goddess as Dr.Christiane Northrup would say, lol, I only have a tiny bit of grey hair under my bangs. I dye it every six months.

    • Just read the bio on your blog and oh my, you must be an Ageless Goddes indeed, because your professional bio is sooo long, it doesn’t match the fact you hardly have grey hairs!
      Dyeing it every 6 months sounds good to me. I’ve been talking to people around me about this and I had no idea they actually dye their (grey!) hairs every 4 weeks. That’s way too often for me.
      Thanks for your reaction!

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