From 16 – 19 March I attended the European Food Summit in Slovenia. It was educational, enticing, inspirational and incredibly tasty. I had the pleasure of tasting food cooked right in front of me by some of the world’s top chefs, I learnt about innovation and sustainability and trends in the international gastronomy world, I heard personal stories from inspirational people from the industry, I enjoyed art, I tried food I never thought I’d dare to ever try and there was wine. Incredible wine. I have experienced so much these days, so you may expect more about these experiences on this blog soon. There are some previews on Instagram if you can’t wait, have a look HERE (and a follow is much appreciated!). If you already follow DLCS Management on Instagram, you may have seen the live stories?

My highlights were seeing one of my idols, getting inspired for my future career, eating something that I find scary (make a guess, I dare you, leave a comment), walking through a snow blizzard, eggplant, cod with sauerkraut and beans (I’ll try to describe the amazingness of these flavours together in an upcoming post!) and the coffee break that turned out to be a wine break. Oh and I also met really cool people!

It was a huge switch for me to go back to meal prepping, having lunch at the office and not having a glass of wine (or two) during lunch. I am already looking forward to next year’s European Food Summit and that time I will make sure I will also be able to join the experience dinners and Gourmet on Snow events.

Photo: Gourmet Ljubljana Crawl by Marko Ocepek for European Food Summit taken at Ljubljana Castle #DLCS
Photo: Gourmet Ljubljana Crawl by Marko Ocepek for European Food Summit                              taken at Ljubljana Castle                                                                                                                   #DLCS