I can’t believe it! It’s been 8 years.

My “Hello world”- welcome- to-Wordpress- blog went live on April 8 2011. I started DLCS Management back in the days when “blogging” was not a profession yet. Then, life happened and I took a break, see my comeback HERE . I’ve got lots of plans for the future of this blog, but unfortunately less time than when I started.

There are many topics I’d like to explore; from Artists & Arts, Amsterdam, Croatia, Food, Leisure, Nature, Slovenia to Tourism (Why choose? I love it all!) and behind the blog I am working on posts that I can share with you in the future.

For now I’ll THANK YOU for reading and engaging FOR 8 YEARS!

Now let’s enjoy one of my favorite happy songs together to celebrate (As I didn’t make time yet to bake us a cake).