The Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra was my favorite band.

I discovered them on YouTube and travelled to Barcelona to see them live at BalkaBarna Festival in 2014. After the concert I was pushed by a friend to approach some of the band members when the opportunity arised and said hi to them. Meeting some of my idols, dancing in front of the stage to that music I’d been listening to non stop, hearing Her voice live, the amazingness of this all, it kept me high for quite some time. 

“But it WAS your favorite band?” I hear you think. Yes. Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra (2012 – 2015) consisted of: Robindro Nikolić – Clarinet (Serbia/India), Mattia Schirosa – Accordeon (Italy), Julien Chanal – Guitar (France), Ivan Kovačević – Double Bass (Serbia), Stelios Togias – Percussion (Greece), Sandra Sangiao – Voice (Catalunya) .

Some things changed, Robindro went solo (more about him and his musical projects on this blog on the planning!) and Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra is no more, but in 2015 the Barcelona Gipsy BalKan Orchestra was formed, which now consists of:
Sandra Sangiao – Vocals (Catalunya, Spain), Mattia Schirosa – Accordion (Italy), Julien Chanal – Guitar (France), Stelios Togias – Darbuka, Bendir, Cajón, Davul, Riq, Tzouras (Greece), Ivan Kovačević – Double Bass (Serbia), Daniel Carbonell – Clarinet (Catalonia, Spain), Oleksandr Sora – Violin (Ukraine).

Back in Amsterdam I approached some of the band members online and they confirmed what I thought; they had never performed in Amsterdam or even The Netherlands yet. We kept in touch.

When we started organising concerts in our art gallery Home of Art in Amsterdam, the thought of inviting this band crossed my mind. After a while I decided I had nothing to lose and asked them if they’d be interested.

On June 1 & 2 2015 we had the honor and pleasure to present Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra live in concert at Home of Art and here’s the aftermovie to give you a taste of the vibes: