It’s taken me a few years to teach myself breakfast IS indeed the most important meal of the day. My breakfast MUST include coffee, nowadays black and strong and preferably more than 1 cup. I’m one of those ppl that can go asleep after a triple espresso, but I feel like I can’t wake up if I don’t get any in the morning. WITH my first cup of coffee, I always drink a cup of (herbal) tea as well.

One of my favorite breakfasts is pizza. Cold of course. (I know, there’s team Cold and team Hot pizza, which one are you?) since I got the hang of making my own pizza, i sometimes even do so just for the sake of having cold pizza for breakfast..

I do love any kind of (dinner) leftovers for breakfast and I think I’d do well in Asia with rice, noodles or soup. I grew up with sandwiches (In The Netherlands is it’s possible to eat sandwiches 3x a day!) and I prefer everything above a sandwich nowadays. When uninspired or unprepared (Have to still remind myself of the meal prep ritual), I simply go for fruits.

This morning I’m working from home and my stomach was just warning me that it’s the time I usually have my breakfast at the office (I usually start so often that it’s a bit too early for me to eat before leaving the house), so I quickly put some fruits together and sat down to enjoy my coffee. Oh yeah, I’m deciding which plants to add, want to make a little jungle in my living room.

What is your favorite breakfast? Does your breakfast differ when you have a work day and a weekend day?

Oh yeah, P.S.: Just testing my new camera.