On World Food Day 2019, October 16, I will be one of 500 ambassadors at “De Tafel tegen Honger”; “The table against hunger” in the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam. Keep an eye on DLCS Management’s Instagram feed & stories (HERE) from 18.00h CET for live updates.

De tafel tegen Honger , Wereldvoedseldag 2019 , Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam. / The Table against Hunger , World Food Day 2019, Maritime Museum Amsterdam - DLCS Management
De tafel tegen Honger , Wereldvoedseldag 2019 , Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam. / The Table against Hunger , World Food Day 2019, Maritime Museum Amsterdam – DLCS Management

Six chefs, five dishes against hunger!
World Food Day is the day that hunger and food security are on everyone’s menu. There is a great line up of chefs; an international guest chef and five Dutch chefs will prepare the World Food Day dinner. There will be 3 vegetarian and 2 vegan dishes which will show us how our food choices affect hunger and food security worldwide. The hosts for the evening, Eric Corton and Helen Kranstauber will take us through the issues of hunger and food security. What are the causes, what is already happening, but above all, what can WE do to make a contribution?

On the way to #zerohunger!
The cooperating organisations of World Food Day believe that governments, companies and consumers must do everything together to get hunger out of the world. That is why a manifesto against hunger will be presented during this event that we, as ambassadors will all sign. On the way to #zerohunger in 2030!

The line up

Eric Corton
Eric Corton is an artistic centipede. His career started at the Theaterschool in Maastricht. After having worked as an actor for a number of years, he ended up at radio station 3FM and turned out to be a much sought after radio and TV presenter. In addition to acting and presenting, he writes books, columns, gives lectures, makes music and works as an ambassador for the Red Cross.

Helen Kranstauber
Helen was the founder of the Slow Food Youth Network and the Food Film Festival. As a food change agent and founder of the Food Cabinet campaign agency, she is moving people towards a food system with a future.

Selassie Atadika
The international guest chef is Selassie Atadika. This chef with Ghanaian roots grew up in The United States and is known worldwide for her plant forward approach. Before she opened her restaurant Midunu in Accra in 2014, she worked for the United Nations in various parts of Africa for 10 years and saw  the impact of a food crisis with her own eyes.

Joris Bijdendijk
Joris Bijdendijk is the chef at restaurant RIJKS® (The restaurant at the Rijksmuseum), which opened its doors in November 2014 and was awarded a Michelin star in 2016 under the supervision of Joris. Joris has mapped out his path accurately; from the vegetable garden where he was as a child every weekend, via fishermen, butchers, farmers to the best chefs as a teacher. He has worked with Ron Blaauw, Le Jardin des Sens ** in Montpellier and as chef of restaurant Bridges where he received his first Michelin star within a year. This fall he will open his new restaurant Wils.

Yvette van Boven
Yvette van Boven is a writer, chef, illustrator and television presenter. Her work has a.o. appeared in Bon Appétit, Libelle, Volkskrant, delicious., Elle Food and Flow. From  her own kitchen Yvette presents the VPRO television cooking program “Koken met Van Boven” (Cooking with van Boven). Together with her husband, photographer Oof Verschuren, she made a number of highly acclaimed cookbooks that have been published worldwide and have been translated into English, German, Spanish and French.

Nadia Zerouali
Nadia is a culinary writer of several cookbooks, including the prize winning books: “Melk en dadels” (Milk & Dates), which she wrote about and with Moroccan mothers and “SOUQ, tafels vol mezze” (SOUQ, tables full of mezze). In addition, Nadia runs the couscous bar in Amsterdam and has an Arabian product line in the supermarket (I really love these products by the way!). She is also the face of various TV programs with food as a connection, such as “In Search of the Pomegranate”, “The Ramadan Court” and “BinnensteBuiten” (InsideOut). Her motto: Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who or what you are.

Samuel Levie
Samuel Levie is sausage maker at Brandt & Levie (I am a huge fan of these dry and fresh sausages; if you are in The Netherlands, try them! My favorite is the one with fennel.), co-founder of campaign agency Food Cabinet, columnist at a.o. Het Parool and chef. He also founded the Youth Food Movement (now Slow Food Youth Network) and the Food Film Festival. Samuel is an entrepreneur in heart and soul, the love for good and tasty food is what drives him. “The choices you make in the kitchen have much more influence than just your plate,” he wants to make people more aware of that. Samuel has several cookbooks to his name, including his latest cookbook in collaboration with Dick Bruna, “Eten met Nijntje” (Eating with Miffy) In addition, he can be seen regularly at 5 hours live on RTL 4 television.

Ralph Dahlhaus
As a child, Ralph already cooked for family a lot and while studying accountancy, he decided to go to the hotel school. Ralph worked among others at Brasserie van Baerle, Restaurant De kas, Le Zinc .. et les Dames, Puyck and Senz. Since 2011, Ralph has been cooking at the “Scheepvaartmuseum” (Maritime Museum). First as sous chef and since 2014 as executive chef. Sustainable cooking is playing an increasingly important role and Ralph continues to develop this. Ralph is an ambassador of Dutch Cuisine and cooks according to those principles as much as possible.

It is of course beyond doubt that I am very much looking forward to this event and I will let you know how I experienced the “Table against Hunger”. Besides being a huge foodie and a bit of a fan of some of these chefs (I won’t mention which, because I like them all!), the Scheepvaartmuseum is also one of my favorite museums in Amsterdam. 

Do you intend to contribute anything to the #ZeroHunger plan in 2030? If so, what?