In 2013 I discovered the Mooncup as an alternative to tampons and sanitary pads or napkins and I never went back. I then wrote about it in the blog HERE and HERE. Back then I found only 1 shop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where it was possible to buy a menstruation cup. For this reason I decided to do some research and ended up trying the Mooncup. I am still using the same cup today. As you know, the sanitary products of the big brands are for sale wherever possible. Did you know the period cup was invented in 1937? And it took me until 2013 to find about it!


Why the Mooncup menstruation cup?
Because it’s healthier, cheaper and environmentally friendly. Have you thought about all that those tampons, pads and their packaging that you throw away every month? I haven’t calculated this, but I had my first period when I was 9 and am now… well approaching my 40’s, so do the maths.

Besides this.. I was having issues. I’ve always suffered from very heavy and painful periods. I couldn’t handle the “regular” sanitary products anymore. Did you know that the tampon you stick in one of your most sensitive spots has been treated with bleach? I tried the biological, ecological ones that are supposed to be more natural, but they felt very uncomfortable to me (read: they dried me out instantly and felt like sandpaper).

Oh and not to forget; hygiene! No more smells, because there’s less air and less bacterias.

Is a Mooncup messier?
NO, en contraire! The first time was (and I may have had a little accident once after that again, but that had to do with my own clumsiness), after my first time of practising (I planned a weekend at home), I never had “dirty” hands or underwear after changing or cleaning the cup again.

But.. can that little cup contain my very heavy flow?
YES! I suffer from a heavy flow often too. The recommended time to change the cup is between 4-8 hours. When I just got my Mooncup I wanted to see what would happen if I would leave it in too long. I imagined it would completely overflow. I DON’T RECOMMEND YOU TO TRY THE SAME, I already did so for you, trust me on this. So, I tested it and everything was fine. I can assure you that you won’t wake up in a bloodbath if you oversleep once while wearing your cup. You actually bleed less than you think and that cup can hold more than you think.

What about sports, swimming, sex etcetera?
The Mooncup is a blessing during sports! Not that I’m a sporty person, but BC (before Corona) I occasionally visited a gym with shared showers (My favorite part of the whole gym was the Turkish steambath). Noone would notice I was on my period, I could wait with emptying the Mooncup until I’d come home again, there’s no uncomfortable, smelly pad and I didn’t have to worry about hiding a white ropey between my lips. Regarding sex “etcetera”, you shouldn’t be penetrated while wearing the cup, but everything else is possible and even cleaner than with other period sanitary products!

Before I started using the Mooncup I had lots of questions, I can imagine you do too. The Mooncup team from the UK helped me answer all of them and I was sold. Nowadays their website is in multiple languages AND you can buy the cup from almost anywhere in the world. What an improvement! I’ve made it easy for you though, if you’re convinced, just CLICK HERE.

If you’re not convinced yet, ask me any questions. If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions in public below ( I think you should be, because periods are nothing to be ashamed of!), you can contact me via the contact form.

Don’t be shy, I’ll gladly answer any questions. In fact, I’m doing some more research and will bring you more period positivity on this page in the future.

P.S.: Ben jij nieuwsgierig naar de Mooncup en wil je me vragen stellen over de MoonCup of over ongesteld zijn, maar doe je dit liever in het Nederlands? Dat kan ook!

Beautiful, perfect, “imperfect”, unsprayed lemon that was picked for me from a garden during a road trip in Montenegro in 2012. PHOTO: DLCS

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