Small Bizz Saturday
I extra-appreciate hard working Small Business Owners that start from scratch.
Because of this, I’ve decided to highlight some of my personal favorite small biz owners on my new recurring blogpost: Small Bizz Saturday.

I will publish my personal choices of hard working individuals from wherever, in any sector, that I think deserve an extra boost and an international audience.  
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Analogue Coffee Bar
Analogue Coffee Bar is a woman owned Coffee Bar, committed to Community and Coffee. A conscious coffee shop with community in mind and a love for mother earth. They do their best to be as sustainable as possible, eliminating the use of wasteful products. Most, if not all products sold at the coffee shop are provided by Houston’s small local vendors. When you buy with Analogue, you are also supporting multiple Houstonians and the growth of local economy.

Photo: Analogue Coffee Bar. DLCS Small Bizz Saturday #2 : Analogue Coffee Bar
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Naimah, Analogue Coffee Bar’s founder and best known in Houston as Nana, was born to an Arab father and Latina mother. Coffee being a ritual in their household, ignited her coffee passion. I met Naimah, when she was a broke barista traveling Europe. In those days, she travelled 32 countries, drinking and studying coffee everywhere, all paid for by her barista jobs. She introduced Houston to international coffee concepts by serving Turkish and Vietnamese coffees among other exotic renditions.

Photo: Analogue Coffee Bar. DLCS Small Bizz Saturday #2 : Analogue Coffee Bar
#AnalogueCoffeeBar #DLCS #DLCSmanagement

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Analogue Coffee Bar
Railweigh Heights Market
8200 Washington Avenue. Houston, TX 77007
Monday – Sunday: 8am – 9pm