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October 8, 2018


Food tourism is the act of traveling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place.
– World Food Travel Association

DLCS Management Food Travel fig fire

DLCS Management Food Travel fig fire

At FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit, we  look at the customer journey, how food and drink can serve as the cornerstone of a destination’s brand, and of course how the rapid evolution of technology is changing literally everything we do. We look at all these topics and much, much more at FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit.

If you’re a professional that needs new information and ideas to get or stay ahead in food tourism, or you simply are interested in food tourism,  we recommend you to visit FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit on November 4, 2018.

Have you seen THIS previous post about the 2018 FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit?

If you’re still not convinced why this summit is for you, please read the 10 reasons below:

    The content is about innovation in food tourism, and NOT a repeat of what you’ve seen or heard elsewhere.
    New information helps you to think of new ideas to help you get or stay ahead. You need new ideas to grow your business.
    Meet leading food travel industry influencers. Introduce yourself, present your business, create new partnerships.
    Our goal is quality not quantity. Ticket sales are limited. And in an intimate group, it’s easier to meet the people you want.
    Piggybacked with World Travel Market. No need to spend extra money or time on another trip.
    93% of visitors engage in some kind of unique or memorable food/drink experience other than eating out. Don’t be left out.
    You can’t just put a list of restaurants on your website or organize a food event. You need to know who to reach out to, and how to do it in order to be as effective as possible and capture more customers or visitors.
    Other single day London conferences are in the £695-795 range. We don’t think quality education and networking should have to cost that much. FoodTrex registration is only £395 (plus VAT).
    If you want access to this great information, you’ll have to attend in person. We won’t be recording the sessions.
    Centrally located in London at the Grange St. Paul hotel, accessible easily and quickly by a variety of transport options.


So, will I see you there?

October 8, 2018

FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit

Help us shape the Future of Food Tourism! Get connected with the right people, stimulate your business strategy with compelling food & drink beverage discussions, and much more at the 2018 FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit.

Hear the world’s leading experts discuss innovative case studies, new technologies and unusual business processes to help you gain a competitive edge in the food/beverage tourism industry.

More information about FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit HERE

FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit. DLCS Management

World Travel Market London (WTM)

Will you also be attending the World Travel Market London (WTM),  the leading global event for the travel industry to meet industry professionals and conduct business deals? 

FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit was purposefully scheduled to take place on Sunday, November 4, the day before WTM begins. So, you can attend both events with no additional travel cost – simply arrive one day earlier.  FoodTreX London is WTM’s strategic partner for food and beverage tourism. You will find limited food tourism content at WTM. If food/beverage tourism is important to your business, destination or organisation, then you cannot afford to miss the in-depth discussions and networking at FoodTreX London.

World Travel Market London . DLCS Management

World Food Travel Association 

FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit, is organised by the World Food Travel Association.

“The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) was founded in 2003 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) and has become the world’s leading authority on food and beverage tourism. Today the Association serves a community of 50,000+ professionals in 139 countries. 

Our knowledge, tools and training help trade professionals and organizations to leverage their area’s food and beverage to help create a strong sense of place, which increases visitor arrivals; destination brand equity; and export demand for their area’s food and beverage products.

The World Food Travel Association is the world’s oldest and largest food tourism organization and is highly respected among food, beverage, travel and hospitality industry stakeholders.”

More information about The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) HERE

World Food Travel Association. Eat well, travel better . DLCS Management

The 2018 FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit will take place:
On Sunday, November 4,
from 8:30 am – 5 pm
at Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, 10 Godliman St, LONDON EC4V 5AJ, United Kingdom

Will you also be at FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit ? Perhaps we can meet and exchange ideas about food tourism?


October 6, 2018

Urban Gipsy

Oxford dictionary:

“In, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city.”

“A nomadic or free-spirited person.”

Not much of a nomad, but a city person with a free spirit that realised that nature feels most like Home. How does one balance living in a city while wanting to consume nature?


Urban Gipsy Logo


Growing up in a town which felt tiny back then, I craved for living in the big city. The capital has the worldwide reputation that everything is possible and it’s the craziest. I couldn’t wait to experience that for myself. Pretty much as soon as I was a legal adult, I head off and figured out it was true.


DLCS Management Blog pic1.jpg


Besides study and work, I continuously indulged myself in to the temptations and craziness that were always available. I discovered sides of myself I had only fantasised about and explored (almost) as much as I could (Yes, almost, because I do have my limits, you know).


DLCS Management Blog pic2


After some years of work and play, something started stirring. For a while I’d thought that person dancing on the dance floor in the middle of the night was me, until I was introduced to the wonders of nature. I really got to know the country I had previously passed through and finally felt at home. I decided, that’s where I want to be one day. I realised I’d spent years searching for what I’d finally found, without even knowing it.


DLCS Management Blog pic3.jpg


Right now I am writing this from a village with barely 100 inhabitants. Besides a church, it seems like there’s not much more.


There are gardens, there is fresh air, the doors don’t need to be locked, the birds are twittering (yes, twittering and not tweeting), there are bees, herbs and fruits and there is the view on the mountains.


DLCS Management Blog pic4.jpg

November 30, 2015

Papalosophy. A Spanish Cookbook , Needs your support TODAY!

A project I highly support, you’ve got 34 hours left to help making this work! 

I can’t wait for my own copy of this amazing “not-just-a-cookbook-piece-of-food-art”, pledge for your own copy too!

Why? Check this out:

Papalosophy. A Spanish Cookbook for the *LIFE GLUTTON* (where one serving is never enough)

Joel, together with Mexican photographer Aldo Chacon, has created a truly original cookbook that captures their passion for Spanish food and sometimes uncontrollable ‘joie de vivre’.

The recipes…
Joel was inspired to write Papalosophy by a lifetime spent seeking authentic flavors and creative preparations, with influences from his Catalan family, world travels and an obsessive study of the world of gastronomy and nutrition. The book includes Spanish and Catalan classics like Fideua with Squid Ink Allioli, Pulpo Gallego and Leche Merengada, as well as creations like Membrillo-Roasted Pumpkin with Almond Cream, Green Gazpacho with Sumac Yogurt and Saffron-Pulled Chicken with Blackened Corn. Expect almost 80 easy-to-follow and entertaining recipes that you can enjoy for the pictures, and for the stories.

The photos…
The book has a fresh creative approach to it, combining food with fashion and surrealism to result in a publication that is completely authentic and unique. hot Shot through a Aldo’s rockstar lens,Papalosophy confirms that food in Barcelona is most definitely a lifestyle choice.

With the recipes written and tested, we began the mammoth task of cooking and shooting almost 80 recipes. With both of us holding down demanding full-time jobs (Joel as EatWith Global Community Manager and Aldo as an in-demand fashion photographer), weekends and late nights were spent together in the kitchen cooking, styling and shooting every dish over and over again.

But it wasn’t just about shooting the recipe; it was also about capturing the spirit of the amazing produce and traditions that go into Spanish cooking. It was about producing a cookbook with images that make you hungry and smile at the same time, because food is fun, and no-one represents this more than us.

Papalosophy is about the food, the story and the place. And there is no place like Barcelona. We created Papalosophy in and out of the kitchen using the natural beauty and insane creativity that the city feeds you on every corner.

The campaign…
The duo has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their creation to the world. For anyone that loves both food and photography in equally radical measures then this is the book for you.

Get your copy here TODAY –>

October 5, 2015

Sports, a way of life! – A Mumbai Smiles article

Sports, apart from being just a medium of fun, also impart life skills that come in handy throughout the journey of life. It’s a way of bringing everyone together towards a common goal. To respect this level of union, Mumbai Smiles started Life Skills Empowerment project for boys using sports as a channel to bring about a unanimous approach towards comrade and loyalty.

This project was done in collaboration with OSCAR (Organisation for Social Change, Awareness & Responsibility) Foundation and their team. The core idea behind introducing this project is to empower adolescent boys through sports.

The most important aspect of indulging these boys in sports is for them to learn ways of life while on the field. Sports teaches us how to be a good team member, to respect rules and boundaries, to have an eye towards the goal but at the same time making sure that no one is harmed in order to reach that goal. After giving them these ground rules of not pushing anybody, taking care of themselves and their team members; the games had begun.

The OSCAR Foundation divided the boys into three teams and off they were. They started off with an interactive and a lively warm up session followed by an induction on the games. The boys played dodgeball, football and handball. This is because the team of Mumbai Smiles noticed that these boys have played sports like Kabbadi, Kho Kho and Cricket but football et al, not so much. During the breaks the Field Coordinator of Mumbai Smiles made sure to check on each and every boy for if they were facing any challenges or troubles. A first aid kit is always kept in handy by the Mumbai Smiles team for in case of any injury on the field, which is sure, the fun of all the sports, but safety is also crucial.

After the games came to an end, a review was conducted to get a feedback from the boys. One of them said, “This was our first experience in playing football and it was awesome. We want to continue under Life Skills Empowerment Project and play these sports that were so new and exhilarating”.  One thing we’d like to add is that none of these activities could have been possible without the incredible support of the Animators, the community members and most importantly the parents of our beneficiaries.

Post session feedback -Mumbai Smiles

Post session feedback -Mumbai Smiles

Our beneficiaries during the session-Mumbai Smiles

Our beneficiaries during the session-Mumbai Smiles

First round of interaction with the students -Mumbai Smiles

First round of interaction with the students -Mumbai Smiles

This was a Mumbai Smiles article. “Mumbai Smiles works closely with its beneficiaries and develops bottom up strategies in order to end the vicious cycle of poverty.”
More info: 

September 18, 2015

Bluegrass concert@Home Of Art tonight

Last time Cousin Daddy played Bluegrass Music for us at Home Of Art, we had a beautiful sunny day and now it Seems we are lucky again! See you tonight? Music from 20.00h, but you’re welcome any time before! Oh and if you dress in Style and wear a jeans overall, Home Of Art offers you a drink on the house

September 1, 2015

Upcoming events at Home Of Art in Amsterdam

SEPT 16 Eadon @Home Of Art

He passed by Home Of Art and joined a spontaneous jamsession once, now he will be back and have his own concert!Eadon is a Dutch singer-songwriter from Haarlem, who studies at the Conservatory of Utrecht. In 2014 he formed a band around himself and now he entirely focuses on his own music. Preparations for the debut single are currently in full swing. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Esperanza Spalding and John Legend, he writes groovy, swinging, but always narrative songs.


SEPT 04 Opening party expo Mariana Oliveira & Jasmine Karimova

Mariana Oliveira + Jasmine Karimova by Stefania Ballero

Mariana Oliveira + Jasmine Karimova by Stefania Ballero











About Mariana:
“The medium of printmaking enables me to explore the textures and shapes of found objects and transfer them directly into paper. Using rust to represent the process of decay, each piece evolves through disintegration, acting as an antidote to the materialism of modern industrial life.”


Mariana Oliveira Home Of Art

Mariana Oliveira Home Of Art

About Jasmine:
“Jasmine is a 17 year old artist and singer-songwriter (composing and accompanying herself on the piano) based in Amsterdam. As an artist, she works primarily with oil paints; texture, form and colour playing very important roles in her work. In both her music and her art, she draws inspiration from herself and the environment around her – working primarily with themes related to the human condition (thus the many portraits and of usage human anatomy in her art)”


Jasmine Karimova Home Of Art

Jasmine Karimova Home Of Art


Home Of Art is an Art Gallery in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Van Baerlestraat 39H (Museum District).
(Give us a LIKE!)


August 30, 2015

An overview of past cultural events at Home Of Art

  • AUG 28 Adamastor @Home Of Art
    An acoustic Portuguese/gypsy/ bluegrass/punk band with a touch of saudade!
    Adamastor plays up-tempo Portuguese Gipsy punk that won’t let anybody stand still! Based in Amsterdam, we express our love for music from our home countries; Portugal, Spain, Hungary and The Netherlands. Adamastor is a Mythical Monster. He lives in the sea. His roar is our sound, the storm is our soul!
    Members: Joao Costa João Santiago Angél Martinez Reka Bakker Julius Kleipool
  • AUG 21 Jazz @Home Of Art -Santeri Sulkunen & Michael Stratz
    Santeri Sulkunen is a Finnish guitarist, composer and producer. recorded and edited by Paul Smith: :
  • JUL 24 Start your WKND@Home Of Art -Accoustic violin session with Katarzyna & Sara
    Katarzyna Składanek is a 25 years old Polish violonist. She has just finished her Masters Degree at the Musical Academy in Bydgoszcz, Poland. She participated in many international music workshops and competitions, and also co-operated with many orchestras and chamber groups with whom she performed in Germany, Spain, North Korea and Italy. Now she is about to start a job in the Philharmonic Orchestra in Olsztyn, Poland.
    Sara Kalinowska is a 23 years old violinist born in Bydgoszcz, Poland. She finished her Bachelor’s Degree at the Academy of Music in Gdansk, Poland and then continued studying at the Conservatorium in Utrecht. She participated in many orchestral workshops and projects around Europe. This summer she is going to play with the Nationaal Jeugd Orkest during the Summer Academy.
  • JUL 10 The WooHoo Revue @Home Of Art
    The group all are amazingly talented musicians, and the Woohoo sound is a frenzied blur of Balkan, gypsy, swing and jazz.
  • JUL 05 Jarrod’s jam @Home Of Art
    Jarrod Brereton is a fabulous saxophone player from Australia.
  • JUL 05 Foundation Klawer Fundraiser with Pistoleros de la Paz & Klaver Trio @ Home of Art
    Stichting Klawer (Foundation Klawer) organised this benefit at Home of Art in cooperation with Didge Mama Lies and special guests Los Pistoleros de la Paz in order to collect money to support children in the South African village Klawer. ‘Klaver Trio’ performed this day for the first time in this formation. Klaver Trio is: cello player Lucas Stam, Drummer/Percussionista Clara de Mik (plays for ‘Slagerij van Kampen’) & Lies Beijerinck on the Didgeridoo(s). Klawer Foundation is committed to underprivileged children in the Western Cape of South Africa. Self-esteem through Music, Dance and Art is their motto !
    Lies Beijerinck, a.k.a. ‘Didge-mother of Holland’, has played the didgeridoo since 1993. Although classically trained in harp and cello, Lies developed her own style busking on the streets, and was soon discovered by the Amsterdam dance scene, subsequently playing with DJ Tiësto in front of 25,000 people. Lies is known for her powerful percussive style and clear harmonics, and is one of the finest exponents of the didgeridoo in the world.
    Pistoleros de la Paz; A couple of friends with some experience in the underground musicworld but with very different musical roots (rock, techno, classical, salsa, flamenco) decided to celebrate their musical and cultural differences taking part in a festival. After this wonderful experience Pistoleros de la Paz went on to continue spreading a message of tolerance and unity full of positive energy by playing a.o. Rumba, Latin and Pop music. Members: Marcel Capell (ES/NL) – Vocals / Guitar Ruben Montes (ES) – Percussion Erol Ileri (ES) – Keyboard Fabian Izurieta (VE) – Bass / Vocals Dionisio Rosales (EC) -Tumbadoras / Bongos
  • JUN 27 Journey of a Clandestine Instrument + Darwin Medina + Abraham Sarache on Cuatro @ Home Of Art, Organised by TuCuatro
    Descendents of the Guitarra Renacentista or Renaissance Guitar can be encountered far & wide, from the islands of Hawaii in the form of the Ukulele to the Charrangos of the altiplanos in Peru & Bolivia. As a son of the Renaissance Guitar brought to the lowlands of Colombia & Venezuela in 1498, the Cuatro is an instrument which has undertaken an evolutionary journey only recently to have started as of the end of the 90’s. After this concert one of our most amazing spontaneous jam sessions took place; Here’s Home Of Art’s friend soprano Vanja Schoch with cuatroplayers Darwin Medina on Cuatro and Abraham Sarache on piano: Medina:
    Abraham Sarache:
    Vanja Schoch:
  • JUN 18 Pit Hermans on Cimbalom @Home Of Art
    Cimbalom player Pit Hermans will perform Greek, Balkan and Oriental melodies and impro’s. She will also sing in the language of her past life, and explain about that. With several guest musicians (saz etc).
  • JUN 02 Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra@Home Of Art AGAIN
    An impression (taped with mobile phones, sorry for the quality!)
  • JUN 01 Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra @ Home Of Art
    Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra (BGKO) has been thrilling audiences all over Europe with their soulful, vibrant show of traditional and popular Balkan, Gipsy and Jewish music from Eastern Europe. BGKO has also been inspired by Barcelona’s eclectic music scene, from Latin-American melodies, traditional Catalan and Middle Eastern music to electrifying Jazz and Rockabilly. BGKO is an international ensemble based in Barcelona, well-known for exploring musical roots, creating and performing with outstanding personality.
    BGKO is:
    Robindro Nikolic- Clarinet, Serbia/India
    Mattia Schirosa- Accordeon, Italy
    Julien Chanal- Guitar, France
    Ivan Kovacevic- Double Bass, Serbia
    Stelios Togias- Percussion, Greece
    Sandra Sangiao- Voice, Catalunya
    The videoclip of this concert will be online soon!
  • MAY 24 Katapulta & friends @ Home Of Art
    Katapulta is an energetic folk band that delights its audience with South-Italian music. Tarantellas, hysterical women, forbidden love. Dancing Mandolines..
    Sheba: Voice and Guitar;
    Federico: Voice, Guitar, Tamburine;
    Antonio: Accordion;
    Renske: Violin;
    Catrien: Flute.
  • MAY 21 Bec Sandridge @ Home Of Art
    Inspired by adventure and loss, Bec Sandridge’s newly anticipated EP, WILD HEART, paints six tales decorated in nostalgia and wonder. As listeners we are guided throughout the streets of Los Angeles, New York and London by haunting yet sweet and catchy vocal melodies, majestic trumpet lines and shuffling drums and piano.Working with producers Mark Myers (The Middle East) and Tony Dupe (Holly Throsby), WILD HEART is a more mature and sure Bec Sandridge sound; we are welcomed in to listen to a secret. Though from the small sea-side town of Stanwell Park, NSW, at twenty-two, Sandridge has shared the stage with acts as varied as Half Moon Run, Husky, Passenger, Diesel, Rachel Sermanni, Andy Bull, Owl Eyes, Stu Larsen and Adalita (Magic Dirt) throughout the UK, US and Australia.
  • MAY 10 Sofar Sounds & Massive Talent Secret gigs (3) @ Home Of Art
    Sofar Sounds = Intimate secret gigs in 100+ cities all over the world.
    1. Secret Rendezvous
    Members: Sietske Morsch , Remi Lauw, Joel Dieleman, Ricardo Lekatompessy, Yori Olijslagers play: Future Electronic Soul.
    2. Postcards from Mars
    Singer Singwriter music with roots in Pop, Indie Rock & Folk, based around Bart van Dalen
    3. The Wanderer
    Members: Danny La Haye (bas), Damian Corlazzoli (guitar), Victor Driest (keys), Marien Okkerse (cello), Bartho Staalman (drums), Nikos Frangiskatos (voice and guitar).
  • APR 27 Home Of Art Kingsday with Circus Hoppa
    Koningsdag (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈkoːnɪŋsˌdɑx] ( listen)) or King’s Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Celebrated on 27 April (26 April if the 27th is a Sunday), the date marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander.
    Circus Hoppa is a DJ collective/ musical circus that plays a.o. Balkan Beats/ Gipsy/ Swing/ Folk/ Reggae/ Rock/ Dance & Electronica.
  • APR 12 Home Of Art presents: Cousin Daddy
    Cousin Daddy plays “a bunch o’ Bluegrass with a bit o’ Pop, Folk, Country and Rock ‘N Roll”.
  • MAR 29 Another side of the exhibition; Home Of Art presents Kariatides Duo
    Kariatides Duo (with Elliot Simpson, guitar and Nick Thess at percussions) decided to turn our exhibition into a musical surrealistic travel, through the colours, the ideas and the sounds that have inspired some of our main artists. Theofilos Lamprianidis and Fanis Zachopoulos have composed the music especially for this event.Kariatides Duo is a chamber music project which born from the desire to combine two different instruments and to explore the possibilities that this new combination can offer to musicians and to the audience. Lina Tsiva, Greek flutist and Maria Rosaria Della Ragione, italian clarinetist started to play together in 2011, when they met each other in Utrecht conservatory. Both attending the master of music in chamber music, they starts to research about the repertoire written for flute and clarinet and when the notes starts to coming out like one warm and colored sound then it is clear that this combination can actually works. Through their concerts they want to allow people know about the music and the colors that the flute and the clarinet together can express.
  • MAR 08 International Women’s Day 2015: MAKE IT HAPPEN Brainstorm Session @Home Of Art
    Female (aspiring) entrepreneurs in or around Amsterdam that are interested in a professional brainstorm session in English with likeminded women on an inspiring location, initiated by DLCS.
  • FEB 15 Buren Borrel @ Home Of Art
    “You have probably passed by already, but have you been inside yet? Home of Art invites its neighbors for a drink to get acquainted.” Home Of Art hosted a unique concert; the premiere of a new musical project!  Eva Aukes and Cecylia Fenrych played a mix of classical music of Chopin, Bach and Batsevich, experimented with live electronic sounds.
  • DEC 23 Tara Wilts @ Home of Art
    One of Amsterdam’s freshest singer songwriters Tara Wilts will share her songs and beautiful warm voice at Home of Art. When Tara was about 6, after she treated her family to a concert with wooden spoon- microphone, she told her mother that she was made for music. Now she’s 17, writes her own music and she hopes that others will enjoy her music as much as she does..
  • DEC 23 Balcony Players @ Home of Art
    The Balcony Players play energetic Klezmer and gipsy music. Traditional songs and original compositions inspired on tours trough the Balkans, Brasil and the USA!
  • DEC 23 OPENING Home of Art
    The official opening of Home of Art , Amsterdam’s coziest Pop Up Art Gallery and your LAST CHANCE to buy Christmas presents with us!
    Do pass by Home of Art on Tuesday 23 December and discover artforms you may have never seen before, buy your mother a traditional Japanese dish, or your girlfriend an exciting book, finally find that painting with us that fits in your livingroom, or the carpet you have always been looking for, a comfy vintage chair, get a unique handmade broche or porcelain button, enjoy some music, meet some talented artists and more!

Home Of Art is an Art Gallery in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Van Baerlestraat 39H (Museum District). (Give us a LIKE!)

August 27, 2015

Home Of Art!

On December 23, 2014, my partner and I opened our Pop Up Art Gallery Home Of Art in the Museum District of Amsterdam, this is the reason I haven’t been blogging much lately.


What’s new?
After these hectic, but inspiring months, we have decided that Home Of Art will become a permanent Art Gallery in Amsterdam, something I could not have imagined a year or even some months ago!


What do we (aim to) do?

  • Home Of Art is an Art Gallery in the Museum District of Amsterdam.
  • Home Of Art is a non for profit organisation and aims to present and promote talented artists.
  • Home Of Art offers a platform for artists that create diverse art forms in the broadest sense possible.
  • Home Of Art combines art with a cozy atmoshphere and unique cultural events such as intimate concerts.




A request: 
If there’s anyone that could/ would voluntarily help us out with our website, please contact me!
 It’s online ( ), but I need help with adding content & making it look good, so until now we have mostly been communicating through Facebook; (Give us a LIKE! We need them.), most of our artworks and an impression of the cultural events we have hosted are there.


Last but not least;
If you’re in Amsterdam, please do pay us a visit! We sell art for every budget and we are pleased to show you around.

Art Gallery ‘’Home Of Art’’
Van Baerlestraat 39H
1071AP Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Besides on Facebook (,
you can also follow Home Of Art on:
Instagram ( ),
Twitter ( ),
and You Tube ( ) !

July 29, 2015

A Mumbai Smiles article- Spread a Smile Campaign

Spread a Smile Campaign

In collaboration with Rotaract Club of Churchgate, 19th of July 2015

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate

Event Name:
  Spread a Smile

Date and Time: 19th of July 2015, 4.00pm to 6.30pm

Venue: Marine Drive

In association with: Rotaract Club of Churchgate

Beneficiaries of Project: LSE Project Beneficiaries (8 participants)

Purpose of the event: To celebrate International Nelson Mandela Day

On a rainy cool evening of 19th July, 8 LSE beneficiaries of Mumbai Smiles and a bunch of volunteers from the Rotaract Club of Churchgate clubbed together to celebrate International Nelson Mandela Day through a simple yet very effective campaign of spreading happiness and joyfulness among the people of Mumbai.

The 18th of July is more than a celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy. It’s a global movement to honour his life’s work and act to change the world for the better. Hence it was for this very purpose that Mumbai Smiles collaborated with the Rotaract club of Churchgate to spread awareness about the importance of promoting human rights and what better way than observing the life example of Nelson Mandela. He gave 67 years of his life to the struggle for human rights and social justice. Being a leader who acted with a steadfast belief in justice and human equality believed that it is in our hands to create a better world for all who live in it, and what better way to promote his thoughts by reminding the people that a smile has the power to change the world, enhance your business and build better and faster relationships.

This day was celebrated by distributing colourful pamphlets among random people present on that evening in Marine Drive. These pamphlets contained the message, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”. It was a message that encouraged people to put behind their worries and sorrows and take each day as an opportunity to be joyful and spread that happiness around. Along with the colourful sheets of paper, big sign boards that read “cheer-up, high-five, smile” etc were also displayed as the volunteers walked on the streets. The people watching these signboards would inevitably have a smile on their face and were curious to know more about the campaign. Many of them came forward to participate by holding these boards and promoting it themselves.

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate

The Rotaract Club volunteers also distributed free coupons of eating joints and vouchers of salons for the people. This was another reason for the people to be happy and interested in the campaign. The volunteers made people sing songs, express a few words of joy, take photographs and share with everyone the thing that makes them smile.

The campaign brought an unexpected result. The outcome was tremendous as in a span of just 2 hours more than 200 people were made aware of the campaign and thus the true objective and aim of the campaign was achieved, which was ‘spreading smiles’.

On hearing the feedback from the people with whom we interacted that evening, the team realized that many appreciated the campaign and expressed their desire that more of such campaigns should be organized to alleviate the stress and anxiety that many face today in this city.

Thus, the overwhelming response to the colourful smiley faces and attractive sign boards truly helped in making people spread their contagious smiles around. No wonder they say, “Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you”

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate