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October 6, 2018

Urban Gipsy

Oxford dictionary:

“In, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city.”

“A nomadic or free-spirited person.”

Not much of a nomad, but a city person with a free spirit that realised that nature feels most like Home. How does one balance living in a city while wanting to consume nature?


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Growing up in a town which felt tiny back then, I craved for living in the big city. The capital has the worldwide reputation that everything is possible and it’s the craziest. I couldn’t wait to experience that for myself. Pretty much as soon as I was a legal adult, I head off and figured out it was true.


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Besides study and work, I continuously indulged myself in to the temptations and craziness that were always available. I discovered sides of myself I had only fantasised about and explored (almost) as much as I could (Yes, almost, because I do have my limits, you know).


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After some years of work and play, something started stirring. For a while I’d thought that person dancing on the dance floor in the middle of the night was me, until I was introduced to the wonders of nature. I really got to know the country I had previously passed through and finally felt at home. I decided, that’s where I want to be one day. I realised I’d spent years searching for what I’d finally found, without even knowing it.


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Right now I am writing this from a village with barely 100 inhabitants. Besides a church, it seems like there’s not much more.


There are gardens, there is fresh air, the doors don’t need to be locked, the birds are twittering (yes, twittering and not tweeting), there are bees, herbs and fruits and there is the view on the mountains.


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May 28, 2015

HELP! Please fill in questionnaire about FOOD TRAVEL

Dear friends, readers and followers,

you would do me a huge favor if you would fill in THIS QUESTIONNAIRE (click) for me:

It’s simple and quick and I’ll be grateful.

Thank you very much!

DLCS mountain breakfast

DLCS mountain breakfast

P.S.: The photo above is not related to the research, it’s one of my meals during my last escape to the mountains in Slovenia in the beginning of this month. 

September 30, 2014

DLCS news!

DLCS will anounce some exciting news soon and it involves this beautiful garden in Amsterdam! 

Hidden garden in Amsterdam by DLCS

Hidden garden in Amsterdam by DLCS

September 22, 2014

Fall on it’s way

Dark when I leave the house,

Soon also dark when I come home.



Also pumpkins, stews and hearty soups, chestnuts, stamppot, mushrooms,

mulled wine, Sinterklaas, candlelight and Christmas.

Then the bubbles and fireworks mean I’m a year wiser again.


Which reminds me… a bath and a fireplace, who can borrow me those?

I’ll cook for you in exchange.


DLCS fall

DLCS fall


Which food gives you that autumn-wintery warm feeling?


August 8, 2014

Sense Balkan and Circus Hoppa in De Tolhuistuin

In 2012 I wrote about De Tolhuistuin (click).  Now I’m organising a party there!

DLCS will combine Amsterdam, Artists & arts, Food en Leisure in Amsterdam Nature! 🙂


Sense Music- Sense Balkan with Circus Hoppa

Sense Music- Sense Balkan with Circus Hoppa


Sense Balkan. Brought to you by DLCS  and Outdoor Cinema . Kick off with watching the movie Gadjo Dilo, have a bite, experience a live concert of The Old Bridge Duo and then…

Circus Hoppa’s DJim Bolia will make you dance to Balkan and Gipsy music during a Silent Disco in Amsterdam’s most magical garden…

You will be enticed by a Cirquesque hoola hoop striptease dance act by  Malice Senga! Check her out: and forget it’s Wednesday! Let’s celebrate we had such a hot summer in Amsterdam, Let’s share the energy and BE the circus!

‘Festum se ipsum alet!’

– ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ – ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ – ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

Circus Hoppa is a musical Circus with DJ’s, musicians and artists of all kinds! Cirquesque is the magic word!

“Our goal is to bring people together in every form. To bring musicians and music lovers, theater and theatre lovers, dance and dance lovers, circus and circus lover, art and art lovers, artists, and artist lovers together on our caravanserai journey all over the world.”

The circus is a fluid body of everlasting change and destined to spread fun and enjoyment around whether you like it or not.

Circus Hoppa   LIKE: httpp://

Circus Hoppa LIKE: httpp://


Circus Hoppa is specialised in energetic and danceable Balkan Beats, Klezmer and Swing music that makes you want to party!



You can look forward to interviews with the men who made this circus possible: Ramses Hoppa and DJimbolia AND the hottest circus chick ever: Amelie Poelier.

More info about Circus Hoppa:

Updates about the event:

May 8, 2014

Mumbai Smiles – Hope

Ankita and Vandana; our Champions

Affordability, accessibility and utilization of the health facilities are directly proportional to the socio-economic status of the family. In India, there is a need to help and psycho-socially support the children suffering from Cancer so that their lives can be saved. It is essential to help them maintain a balance in life and manage the disease condition in holistic manner. Most of the cancers in children are curable. However, many children die due to lack of comprehensive medical care. The social and economic realities prevent a sizeable population from seeking timely treatment and following up on the treatment.

In Mumbai Smiles, the HOPE project and its interventions are designed to address the financial, psycho-social, emotional and diagnostic need of 25 underprivileged children suffering from Cancer, aged 0 to 18 years coming from all over India, admitted at Holy Spirit Hospital, Andheri (East), Mumbai.

This project envisages giving importance to comprehensive and holistic care. It emphasizes on the aspect that is excluded from the medical care in the typical Indian hospital setting.

Among the various activities under this Project, ‘Champion of the month’ is one such activity that recognizes and honours these children who have successfully undergone a surgery or completed the chemotherapy cycle.

This month marked the celebration of consistent fortitude of our beneficiaries, Ankita and Vandana who completed their course of therapy and are determined to stand strong against the adversities of the disease. Ankita, 18 years old, finished her surgery for Brain Tumor and Vandana, 15 years old suffering from Retinoblastoma completed her 8 Chemotherapy cycles and 40 Radiations. Both the champions were given gifts to motivate them to continue their therapy. The hospital staff, nurses, Mumbai Smiles volunteers and other beneficiaries extended their support to both of them. Ankita’s words while she was leaving “I could have never been able to do this without all of you” were filled with immense gratitude and affection towards everybody present there. Vandana was touched by the involvement shown by the other beneficiaries into her treatment and this brought a bright smile on her face.
This effort ensures that the beneficiaries don’t fight the disease alone. A society that supports can make a huge difference just by being there for them. The event was concluded by distributing medical kits to all the beneficiaries.

 Written by Mumbai Smiles volunteer Chiranshu Kumar. Thank you!


Mumbai Smiles - Hope

Mumbai Smiles – Hope

Mumbai Smiles - Hope

Mumbai Smiles – Hope

Mumbai Smiles - Hope

Mumbai Smiles – Hope


For more info:

April 15, 2014


Often passed by this house, dreaming…


Dreamhouse DLCS

Dreamhouse DLCS

April 10, 2014

Always an excuse..

Happy 3 yrs anniversary to my blog DLCS Management

What started off as a way to kill time, is now a blog with almost 1000 followers and 50.000 hits. I’m amazed! THANK YOU ALL!

It’s an excuse for bubbles, here’s my fave:

Cava Freixenet by DLCS

Cava Freixenet by DLCS


P.S.: To really celebrate, follower number 1000 will receive a personal present from me! 

April 10, 2014

Zen in Slovenia

I truly love my city and can not imagine ever missing Amsterdam for ever. BUT. I can not wait for my ZEN- visit to Slovenia and waking up with the view below…


Zen in Slovenia by DLCS

Zen in Slovenia by DLCS

March 3, 2014

Natural stress relief

Close your eyes and imagine the sound…

Plitvice by Ivo Pervan for CROATIAN TOURIST BOARD

Plitvice by Ivo Pervan for CROATIAN TOURIST BOARD