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May 28, 2015

HELP! Please fill in questionnaire about FOOD TRAVEL

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DLCS mountain breakfast

DLCS mountain breakfast

P.S.: The photo above is not related to the research, it’s one of my meals during my last escape to the mountains in Slovenia in the beginning of this month. 

December 22, 2014

Home of Art Amsterdam-official opening tomorrow

Haven’t made much time for blogging, I’ve  been so busy with my very own Pop Up Art Gallery Home of Art!

Home of Art Welcome

Home of Art Welcome

When the opportunity arose to use a space in the Museum District (just across the Concertgebouw, the Royal Concert Building of The Netherlands), the idea to create a “Home of Art” Pop Up Art Gallery was born. After a lot of hard work, we are happy to hereby invite you to the opening of Home of Art on 23 December.

Home of Art combines art and design, old and new and creates a platform by bringing these together. Home of Art exhibits work from artists and designers from a.o. Croatia, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Home of Art Dishes:Marvin Corneille Photo: 56SPaces Flower art: Chiyuki Kaneko

Home of Art
Dishes:Marvin Corneille
Photo: 56SPaces
Flower art: Chiyuki Kaneko

On Tuesday 23 December 2014 Home of Art is officially opening and we’ve got 2 concerts planned for you that day!

At 14.00 The Balcony Players will play at Home of Art’s balcony. The Balcony Players play energetic Klezmer and Gipsy music, traditional songs and original compositions inspired on their tours through the Balkans, Brasil and the USA.

The Balcony Players@Home of Art, Photo edited by 56Spaces

The Balcony Players@Home of Art, Photo edited by 56Spaces


At 19.00 One of Amsterdam’s freshest singer songwriters Tara Wilts will share her songs and beautiful warm voice at Home of Art.

Tara Wilts@Home of Art, photo edited by 56Spaces

Tara Wilts@Home of Art, photo edited by 56Spaces

Pass by Home of Art, enjoy the homey atmosphere and score your last Christmas presents with us!

Pop Up Art Gallery/ House of Arts is located just behind the Museumplein in Amsterdam and easily to reach.

Home of Art location photo edited by Stefania Ballero

Home of Art location photo edited by Stefania Ballero

Opening hours flexible, but on 23-12-2014: 14.00-22.00h.
Like the Facebook page:
JOIN the Facebook event page for our official opening:

April 10, 2014

Zen in Slovenia

I truly love my city and can not imagine ever missing Amsterdam for ever. BUT. I can not wait for my ZEN- visit to Slovenia and waking up with the view below…


Zen in Slovenia by DLCS

Zen in Slovenia by DLCS

December 5, 2013

Yoga retraite Slovenia 2014

Yoga retraite in Slovenia from June 28 until July 5 2014
Application until end of April 2014. Minimum of 6 students

A 7-day yoga trip to Lake Bohinj taking place in Triglav National Park (Triglav Narodni Park), a park in the Julian Alps in Slovenia . Enjoy yoga in nature, with rest and time for yourself

The nature of Bohinj is a true jewel that you will not want to miss. High waterfalls, deep gorges, crystal clear rivers, wildlife, spectacular views and ski resorts. The lake with its stunning beauty is located in the heart of the Triglav National Park in the Julia Alps, located in the northwest of Slovenia, Europe. The glacial lake is surrounded by high mountains, green forests and magnificent mountain meadows. The protected nature is reflected in its purest form with its flora and fauna.

Slovenia is a republic located south of the Alps and is known as a land of mountains, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Slovenia is surrounded by Austria, Italy, Croatia, Hungary and the Adriatic Sea. A population of nearly two million people in Slovenia on an area of ​​20,256 km ². The country has not yet been discovered by tourists, but has quite a lot to offer.

Recharge from the inside
The need for rest, relaxation, harmony and inner balance is important in our daily lives. To ensure absolute relaxation and developing new ideas a harmonious interaction between mind, body and soul is essential. Free your mind and body in the healing powers of nature. The intrinsic link between you and nature is the basis of these lives enriching treatment.

Activities around Lake Bohinj
Yoga, hiking, walking, running, climbing, canoeing, swimming, fishing, kayaking, golf, skiing, rafting, paragliding, canyoning and more …

References :
Maja is an experienced yoga teacher with a natural glow, warmth and expertise is guaranteed. The yoga vacation in Slovenia will be an enrichment both in spiritual and in a cultural way, a highly recommended retreat. – Martine , student

In Bohinj you ‘ll really relax. You can unwind and relax from the busy life. Here you have time for yourself. Holiday for the body and mind. The food and hospitality in the hotel are high level. The company was super. I came to realize that honesty, openness, friendliness, warmth, modesty, and other ” minor ” details of great value . – Nina , accountant

So many beautiful, unspoiled nature and tranquility you can only dream of.  Maja is dedicated and does her best to their liking to everyone.  All well cared for and highly recommended.  Also suitable for beginners like me . – Julija , saleswoman

The basic program :
– 1 to 1.5 hours yoga each morning (hatha yoga ,face yoga ,yoga nidra )
– More yoga in the afternoon is also possible
– Breathing techniques, meditation and mudras
– Yogic knowledge, reflexology and more
– Walk around Lake Bohinj and Bled
– Excursions to the mountains, waterfalls and rivers
– Slovenian language courses, Ayurveda and / or chakra teachings
– Syllabus

Check out these videos of the area of Bohinj :

Download the brochure : YogaTravelSlovenia
For registration and more information about this Yoga retraite to Slovenia, visit Yoga Sachi’s website:

November 24, 2013


Launch of new European food, leisure & tourism specialist DLCS  

DLCS developes and executes food, leisure and touristical concepts, events and travels
gives advice, consults and performs research within these areas,
with a focus on Croatia, The Netherlands and Slovenia.

DLCS is a summary of everything delicious, referring to anything that is beautiful  and tasty, specialising in:

DLCS logo

WHO? The founder of DLCS decided to combine all interests and passions professionally after years of experience in a.o. research and management support.

WHAT? Developing and execution of concepts, events and travels, giving advice, consults and performing of research.

WHY? With a love for anything that’s good and a passion for Amsterdam, Artists & arts, Croatia, Food, Leisure, Nature, Slovenia & Tourism, the founder of DLCS decided to combine everything she likes. This is where the idea of DLCS came from. Because your leisure is my pleasure!

WHERE? DLCS is an internationally oriented European company, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

WHEN? DLCS has been preparing the business since 2011 and since October 2013 DLCS is a fact!


Just a few examples of what DLCS can mean to you:

  • Do you want a customised vacation to Amsterdam, Croatia or Slovenia?
  • Do you want food at your party?
  • Are you an artist that needs hands-on and affordable management?
  • Do you need help with administration or paperwork in Amsterdam?
  • Do you need a topic researched, but you don’t have time to do it yourself?
  • Are you looking for a location for your party?
  • Do you want someone to manage your social media profiles?
  • Do you need online marketing for your business, product or yourself?
  • Would you like a professional to help you brainstorm?
  • Are you organising an event you could use help with?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 25-11-2013

For more information or any requests, contact DLCS via or send an email to .

November 15, 2013

A circuesque moment of fame

What did you once dream of? Yes, to join the Circus and Travel the world !! Now you can !!!
Circus Hoppa

Circus Hoppa

Would you like to have your moment of fame?
Do you have an act?
Play an instrument?
Can you dance?
Do you like to party?

Are you an artist and want to exhibit your work?

Want to create a circuesque performance?
Do you have a crazy idea you’d like to present to Circus Hoppa audience?

Write the CIRCUS HOPPA family at: & convince them of your skills!

Join the circus on Facebook:
September 21, 2013

The history of Europe in 12 minutes

August 30, 2013

Office breakfast

Trying to keep up the good habits; Slovenian bread, Croatian egg (bought from an old lady who only feeds her chickens good stuff), Croatian figgs and unfortunately Dutch cheese on the Amsterdam office desk.


May 17, 2013

Holland, the original cool? Slovenia, Diversity to discover.

I’ve seen so many beautiful and really cool promotional destination clips. Why did Holland make such an uncool clip?

NBTC (Nederlands Bureau voor Toerisme & Congressen) receives government funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and cooperates intensively with relevant parties within and outside the hospitality sector.

That means that we, Dutch tax payers have funded this movie. It doesn’t look cheap, but I guess my biggest issue is that the guy talks too much… when I think of it, yes, that could be very Dutch (If you think away his unDutch accent).

Does anyone disagree? Who finds this clip cool?

Here’s what I find cool; Slovenia, Diversity to discover.

May 12, 2013

European Wine Wars: after Tocai, it is the time of Prosek… and Teran

Great article!

European Wine Wars: after Tocai, it is the time of Prosek… and Teran.

I prefer Prosek above Prosecco and Slovenian Teran above Croatian. BUT Any of the above are better price- & quality- wise compared to anything for sale in The Netherlands.

Terrano wine is primarily grown in Kras plateau within the Slovenian Primorska wine region (where it is called Kraški teran) and Italian Carso DOC (with two main varieties called Terrano del Carso and Carso Rosso (red Carso)), as well as in the West Istrian wine region of Croatia (called Istarski Teran or Terrano D’Istria in Italian). Teran is the principal red wine grape in these regions. 

This wine is a great appetizer and has always been appreciated for its medicinal properties. As with all other refosco family wines, some believe that Kraski Teran is the Roman puccinum (although some also believe that puccinum was a white wine similar to Prosecco). Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder wrote that puccinum was the favorite of Augustus‘s wife Livia who lived to the respectable age of 82. The medicinal properties of lactic acid and bivalent iron, that are highly contained in Kraski Teran, have been confirmed by a modern medicine. The wine stimulates the appetite and facilitates digestion of fatty foods