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November 30, 2015

Papalosophy. A Spanish Cookbook , Needs your support TODAY!

A project I highly support, you’ve got 34 hours left to help making this work! 

I can’t wait for my own copy of this amazing “not-just-a-cookbook-piece-of-food-art”, pledge for your own copy too!

Why? Check this out:

Papalosophy. A Spanish Cookbook for the *LIFE GLUTTON* (where one serving is never enough)

Joel, together with Mexican photographer Aldo Chacon, has created a truly original cookbook that captures their passion for Spanish food and sometimes uncontrollable ‘joie de vivre’.

The recipes…
Joel was inspired to write Papalosophy by a lifetime spent seeking authentic flavors and creative preparations, with influences from his Catalan family, world travels and an obsessive study of the world of gastronomy and nutrition. The book includes Spanish and Catalan classics like Fideua with Squid Ink Allioli, Pulpo Gallego and Leche Merengada, as well as creations like Membrillo-Roasted Pumpkin with Almond Cream, Green Gazpacho with Sumac Yogurt and Saffron-Pulled Chicken with Blackened Corn. Expect almost 80 easy-to-follow and entertaining recipes that you can enjoy for the pictures, and for the stories.

The photos…
The book has a fresh creative approach to it, combining food with fashion and surrealism to result in a publication that is completely authentic and unique. hot Shot through a Aldo’s rockstar lens,Papalosophy confirms that food in Barcelona is most definitely a lifestyle choice.

With the recipes written and tested, we began the mammoth task of cooking and shooting almost 80 recipes. With both of us holding down demanding full-time jobs (Joel as EatWith Global Community Manager and Aldo as an in-demand fashion photographer), weekends and late nights were spent together in the kitchen cooking, styling and shooting every dish over and over again.

But it wasn’t just about shooting the recipe; it was also about capturing the spirit of the amazing produce and traditions that go into Spanish cooking. It was about producing a cookbook with images that make you hungry and smile at the same time, because food is fun, and no-one represents this more than us.

Papalosophy is about the food, the story and the place. And there is no place like Barcelona. We created Papalosophy in and out of the kitchen using the natural beauty and insane creativity that the city feeds you on every corner.

The campaign…
The duo has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their creation to the world. For anyone that loves both food and photography in equally radical measures then this is the book for you.

Get your copy here TODAY –>

April 15, 2015

Tradition; thank the stick

It’s becoming my tradition; always thank the stick when it brings me down the mountain safely and prepare it for the next person that might need it. Thank you, stick!  


November 28, 2014

Home of Art

Our very own Pop Up Art Gallery in the museum district of Amsterdam; Home of Art is opening Soon!

Please LIKE on Facebook
, so I can keep you updated about openingdate and events.

For now, I proudly present our masterpiece; Cesium just finished her mural in Home of Art:


September 24, 2014

Mumbai Smiles: Kaleidoscope 2014 Rally – Hey, Womania!

Hey Womania!

This season, Mumbai Smiles took a step ahead and collaborated with Mumbai’s most ‘iconic’ college festival: Kaleidoscope, organized by one of the leading colleges of the city- Sophia’s College for Women, the annual cultural fest that ran from the September 9 to 14, 2014.


Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014 Rally -DLCS

Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014 Rally -DLCS


The theme of Kaleidoscope 2014, Be Iconic, is guaranteed to not just showcase the crème de la crème of all fields that ever were – be it music, fine arts or sports, but also to leave one inspired to take actions worthy of joining ranks with the ones in the hallowed halls of fame. In its 29th year, the festival was larger than ever: with new events, more participants and the ever-enthusiastic workforce. One of the biggest and most awaited college festivals of Mumbai city, Kaleidoscope was a riot of colours and patterns, a synthesis of art and movement, and quite simply, a visual treat.


Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014  -DLCS

Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014 -DLCS


With just so much happening around, Mumbai Smiles just had to be a part of this eventful college fest. It’s collaboration all started by going out to the streets on the 27th of August, where a rally was conducted to spread awareness of the Project SEED of the organization and also gain visibility of the work carried out by the organization. More than 200 students of the college along with few beneficiaries of the SEED Project came forward to participate and join hands in this rally, a rally that highlighted the importance of guaranteeing the rights of the women in the society through slogans, chants, posters and eventually a flash mob that only added to the visibility of the Mumbai Smiles among by-standers.


Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014  -DLCS

Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014 -DLCS


To those of you who are wondering what exactly is Project SEED? It is one of the projects of Mumbai Smiles that seeks to empower women from slum communities with skills that will make them employable and enable them to join the workforce in order to earn a livelihood. Under this program, groups of women receive basic training in a variety of skills such as beautician skills, crafts, retail management marketing, tailoring, and many more. The programs ultimately help in making these women independent, gain confidence and become an agent of social change in the society. Among the other activities of this eventful collaboration was an initiative taken by young students to come forward and organize a handicraft activity for the women beneficiaries of the SEED Project. In this activity they learnt to make souvenirs that could be sold during the college fest, the proceeds of which would benefit the women who made it.


Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014  -DLCS

Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014 -DLCS


Moreover, at the festival itself, Mumbai Smiles had the opportunity to set up their own stall to spread awareness about their work and initiatives. Products made by SEED women such as candles, flowers, bags, bookmarks were among some items that were exhibited at the stall. Such a presence in this fest opened up a way to motivate the young students to come forward and engage with the NGO and lastly, create a market for the SEED products.


Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014  -DLCS

Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014 -DLCS


Mumbai Smiles’ association with Sophia College has truly been unforgettable in many ways. It opened up a way to motivate young students of the college to come forward and engage with the NGO, created a market for the products of SEED and lastly opened doors to looking into other ways of collaboration between the college and the organization. Now that is what you call a huge success!


Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014  -DLCS

Mumbai Smiles Kaleidoscope 2014 -DLCS


There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women” – Kofi Annan


There are many more pictures of the event! Check them out on Facebook (click) 

July 5, 2014


Thank you dear stick for serving me so well for a week and keeping me safe and helping me with my balance.

20140705-110703-40023251.jpg please be as good to someone else as you were to me.

April 14, 2014

Zadnjica valley – illuminated 2 by Tardigrade8

Love this area!


Zadnjica valley – HDRi The highest slopes of Trenta surround the Zadnjica area, a starting point for discovering the mountainous karst features of Kriški podi, Prehodavci, the Dolina Triglavskih jezer valley and Triglav (2864 m), Slovenia’s highest mountain. The splashing and roaring of the Beli potok and Krajcarica streams in the Zadnjica valley break the tranquil silence of these pristine corners. Things to do in Zadnjica: -visit the Beli potok waterfall, -guided hike to Kriški podi, discover the Kriška jezera lakes and the mountainous karst features, -guided hike to Triglav (very difficult), -guided hikes in the mountains over Zadnjica and visits to mountain cabins and lodges: the Pogačnikov dom mountain lodge on Kriški podi, the Tržaška koča mountain cabin on Dolič, the Zasavska koča mountain cabin on Prehodavci. Access to Zadnjica: – On the Bovec-Trenta road, take a left on the 50th bend in the road across the Vršič mountain…

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October 21, 2011

Musicheta about food III

Some of you really disliked my last Musicheta on Food (II, see HERE). I looove the ladies, I think they are true performers and know how to make a show. I’d love to see them live AND I’m still looking for the perfect burek-recipe, FYI everyone!

I got more positive feedback on the French Musicheta on food (I, THIS one), I think these dudes are very funny too.

I’m still trying to make an as-complete-as-possible list of Musicheta on food and thx to some friends I can add some more.

This website; , courtesy of Peter Bochan, has a beautiful list of  525 songs on food.I still have to review this list and listen to aaaaaal the songs so I’d love to hear your comments & reviews!


Here’s a traditional Sardinian recipe:

And one of my fave’s, an Italian classic;

Thank you Mr Bochan of ,
M. for helping me with my research, and some members of “The posse” for providing me with their Italian fave’s.

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