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June 8, 2012

De Tolhuistuin

I told you Noord is upcoming and booming. Noord (The North part of Amsterdam) has another secret; De Tolhuistuin.
This beautiful complex & garden just on the other side of the ferry (The Buiksloterweg ferry which crosses the IJ from the backside of Central Station for free all night long), the Tolhuistuin is located on the former science campus of Shell at the IJ river bank opposite the central station of Amsterdam, aims to be a free space for arts & culture.

Tolhuistuin location

Tolhuistuin location

De Tolhuistuin, ran by Stichting Cultuur aan het IJ, offers a widely varied program of music,  theatre, dance, visual arts, media and literature, with maximum diversity. The bar and restaurant, among the largest of the city, will be open from early morning to late at night, just like the beautiful  park along the water. Also, the Tolhuistuin pavilion will consist of three halls with music and theatre stages, two exhibition spaces, a  hiphopschool, and four smaller buildings with workspaces for young professionals in music, visual arts, architecture, design  and literature. The official opening of the complete centre is planned for the spring of 2012.

Tolhuistuin from air

Tolhuistuin from air

Hunderd years ago the Tolhuistuin was a beloved location to go out for the Amsterdammers. The most populair dancingparties of the city were held there and poor children from the Jordaan area were sometimes invited to come and play in the garden, but when Shell bought the terrainin 1938, this became  history. For 70 years the park has been closed for the public..

Tolhuistuin old

Tolhuistuin old

Check out the agenda, pass by once, you’ll be surprised.

More info:
The agenda:

May 11, 2012

De Tanker

Amsterdam is full of cool cultural hotspots.

One of “my” newest discoveries is in the upcoming neighbourhood Amsterdam Noord (North).  De Tanker is a  former gasstation, painted pink. The foundation Stichting Samenscholers manages De Tanker and organises cultural events and get-togethers for the neighbourhood. From sing-along nights, intimate concerts, expositions, meditation sessions and even a dinner on Liberation day, everything seems possible.

Remember I told you about the fresh female vocalists I listened to last December? (Click) Snowapple played at De Tanker on the 3rd of May. They were lovely, beautiful & gorgeous as always. Oh yeah and my….. can they sing!

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I’m awaiting some pics from the organisation of De Tanker/ Stichting Samenscholers, this post is To Be Continued!

More info; Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg 15, Amsterdam Noord
Snowapple (and check how cool… they posted my review on their site :) )