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July 29, 2015

A Mumbai Smiles article- Spread a Smile Campaign

Spread a Smile Campaign

In collaboration with Rotaract Club of Churchgate, 19th of July 2015

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate

Event Name:
  Spread a Smile

Date and Time: 19th of July 2015, 4.00pm to 6.30pm

Venue: Marine Drive

In association with: Rotaract Club of Churchgate

Beneficiaries of Project: LSE Project Beneficiaries (8 participants)

Purpose of the event: To celebrate International Nelson Mandela Day

On a rainy cool evening of 19th July, 8 LSE beneficiaries of Mumbai Smiles and a bunch of volunteers from the Rotaract Club of Churchgate clubbed together to celebrate International Nelson Mandela Day through a simple yet very effective campaign of spreading happiness and joyfulness among the people of Mumbai.

The 18th of July is more than a celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy. It’s a global movement to honour his life’s work and act to change the world for the better. Hence it was for this very purpose that Mumbai Smiles collaborated with the Rotaract club of Churchgate to spread awareness about the importance of promoting human rights and what better way than observing the life example of Nelson Mandela. He gave 67 years of his life to the struggle for human rights and social justice. Being a leader who acted with a steadfast belief in justice and human equality believed that it is in our hands to create a better world for all who live in it, and what better way to promote his thoughts by reminding the people that a smile has the power to change the world, enhance your business and build better and faster relationships.

This day was celebrated by distributing colourful pamphlets among random people present on that evening in Marine Drive. These pamphlets contained the message, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”. It was a message that encouraged people to put behind their worries and sorrows and take each day as an opportunity to be joyful and spread that happiness around. Along with the colourful sheets of paper, big sign boards that read “cheer-up, high-five, smile” etc were also displayed as the volunteers walked on the streets. The people watching these signboards would inevitably have a smile on their face and were curious to know more about the campaign. Many of them came forward to participate by holding these boards and promoting it themselves.

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate

The Rotaract Club volunteers also distributed free coupons of eating joints and vouchers of salons for the people. This was another reason for the people to be happy and interested in the campaign. The volunteers made people sing songs, express a few words of joy, take photographs and share with everyone the thing that makes them smile.

The campaign brought an unexpected result. The outcome was tremendous as in a span of just 2 hours more than 200 people were made aware of the campaign and thus the true objective and aim of the campaign was achieved, which was ‘spreading smiles’.

On hearing the feedback from the people with whom we interacted that evening, the team realized that many appreciated the campaign and expressed their desire that more of such campaigns should be organized to alleviate the stress and anxiety that many face today in this city.

Thus, the overwhelming response to the colourful smiley faces and attractive sign boards truly helped in making people spread their contagious smiles around. No wonder they say, “Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you”

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate

Mumbai smiles, Rotaract Club of Churchgate








April 10, 2014

Mumbai Smiles – A Sporty day for the children of Balwadis.

A Sporty day for the children of our Balwadis.

Under the various Education Projects undertaken by Mumbai Smiles, one of the projects is known as the ‘Balwadis’, which are pre-school educational centres. It’s a project that cultivates healthy habits though education among children from 1 to 6 years of age. It’s through this project that Mumbai Smiles reaches out to approximately 700 children living in the slums of Mumbai and ensures quality education along with promoting the development of sound health and nutrition among them.

Among its various activities planned by Mumbai Smiles for these children throughout the year, one was a Sport competition for these little ones.

As we all know, participating in sports can have a healthy developmental impact on young children. These activities can promote cooperative play, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Sports also help children in getting along with their peers, family members, teachers, and coaches. As also through positive feedback, group play builds self-esteem, helps children accomplish significant achievements.

With this in mind, sports competitions were organized at all our 23 Balwadi centres a few weeks back. The primary objective behind organizing these competitions was to enable the students to have fun outside the class environment. Students demonstrated active participation in all the sports such as Basketball, Racing, Book balancing, Lemon and spoon etc. The activities were held in open areas surrounding the Balwadi centres. As always, parents and the people of the community were present to encourage these children.

The day came to end with attractive prizes being distributed among all these wonderful children as an appreciation and motivation for their participation.



Mumbai Smiles - sports day Balawis

Mumbai Smiles – sports day Balawis


Mumbai Smiles - sports day Balawis

Mumbai Smiles – sports day Balawis

Mumbai Smiles - sports day Balawis

Mumbai Smiles – sports day Balawis


With thanks to Natasha Rolston of Mumbai Smiles for providing text and pictures. 

More info about the Balwadis HERE

How can you contribute and donate a smile? Check Mumbai Smiles’s website HERE