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August 30, 2013

Office breakfast

Trying to keep up the good habits; Slovenian bread, Croatian egg (bought from an old lady who only feeds her chickens good stuff), Croatian figgs and unfortunately Dutch cheese on the Amsterdam office desk.


May 12, 2013

European Wine Wars: after Tocai, it is the time of Prosek… and Teran

Great article!

European Wine Wars: after Tocai, it is the time of Prosek… and Teran.

I prefer Prosek above Prosecco and Slovenian Teran above Croatian. BUT Any of the above are better price- & quality- wise compared to anything for sale in The Netherlands.

Terrano wine is primarily grown in Kras plateau within the Slovenian Primorska wine region (where it is called Kraški teran) and Italian Carso DOC (with two main varieties called Terrano del Carso and Carso Rosso (red Carso)), as well as in the West Istrian wine region of Croatia (called Istarski Teran or Terrano D’Istria in Italian). Teran is the principal red wine grape in these regions. 

This wine is a great appetizer and has always been appreciated for its medicinal properties. As with all other refosco family wines, some believe that Kraski Teran is the Roman puccinum (although some also believe that puccinum was a white wine similar to Prosecco). Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder wrote that puccinum was the favorite of Augustus‘s wife Livia who lived to the respectable age of 82. The medicinal properties of lactic acid and bivalent iron, that are highly contained in Kraski Teran, have been confirmed by a modern medicine. The wine stimulates the appetite and facilitates digestion of fatty foods



March 8, 2013

Saving the culinary arts…

Really cool article, including a home- & handmade burek recipe

Burek,burek,börek,pita, strudla, savijaca

Burek,burek,börek,pita, strudla, savijaca


Thank you

August 1, 2012

Leftover tapas for Breakfast y nos vemos…

You know I love them, the Spanish. So yesterday a Croatian dinner with Spanish & Dutch tapas & a touch of Indonesia (I still owe you the recipe for Frikadel jagung!) .

Here are (some of ) the leftovers; BREAKFAST!


One of Ams’  beauties is the fact how many foreigners I meet here.

The downside is; many of them leave Ams again… but I’ve made some friends for live!!!

A y A; MI NENITAS!!!! Os voy a echar de menos!

Nos vemos….

April 18, 2012

Balkan style nasi goreng

You already know I love spicy & exotic food. And the Balkans. And good food, thus Balkan food. In my household I mix it all. For some people it’s too exotic, but today I’m eating alone. Cooked some rice a day ago, usually cook extra on purpose. Fried rice or nasi goreng from leftover rice was the first dish I ever learnt to cook. Great with whatever is available, and even if you have nothing in the house; there’s an onion & some soy sauce right?

Todays’ ingredients:

  • cooked brown rice,
  • Indonesian rawit; veryVERY spicy pepper,
  • Montenegran sausage
  • Croatian spring onion
  • some Dutch cherry tomatoes
  • Ketjap manis, Indonesian sweet soy sauce.