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January 9, 2012

Conscious colouring; Dianne te Mebel

Do you remember my blog on Conscious colouring (see HERE if you haven’t read it yet) ?

Dianne te Mebel, owner and founder of the Instituut Haar & Gezondheid (Institute for Hair & Health) in Amsterdam has just launched her new website, with webshop to order natural and biological hairproducts.


Instituut Haar en Gezondheid Amsterdam

Instituut Haar en Gezondheid Amsterdam


You can amongst others order the hairproducts of Pure pact and the official Henna “Startingpackage” online, and of course you can contact Dianne via the site to request personalised  information on consciously colouring your hair.

Pure Pact

Pure Pact

Check out the site;


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