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January 27, 2012

Che Sudaka – more free musicheta!

Did you enjoy the cd 5 do 12 from Dubioza Kolektiv? HAVEN’T GOT IT? Read my post over HERE to check how to download the cd FOR FREE.

I’ve got another cool one for you! Woohoo 🙂

Years ago I went to a performance of Che Sudaka in The Winston in Amsterdam. IT WAS CRAZY! The Winston is cool, if you don’t mind a punky atmosphere. It’s in the Red Light District, has a bar, a ho(s)tel (where pornmovies have been shot!), happy hours and a club. I recommend it (the club and bar that is, never seen the hotel from the inside) if you’re not into posh clubs. Che Sudaka is a six-piece band, composed of South Americans residents in Barcelona. They  play “mestizaje music” (Latin Alternative), a style combining traditional South American and Spanish styles with influences from ska, reggae, rock and world music. They have collaborated on projects with amongst others Manu Chao and Amparanoia. Their texts are, like  Dubioza Kollektive’s texts, critical & about the world, injustice & life.

ANYWAY tomorrow night Che Sudaka is performing in the De Melkweg in Amsterdam. GO if you’re ready to jump and feel energetic!

Che Sudaka

Che Sudaka

Untill then, you can enjoy their music at home!


 Click HERE to download Che Sudaka’s cd for free.


January 23, 2012

Dubioza Kolektiv II

Remember I introduced you to (click) Dubioza Kolektiv?

Dubioza Kolektiv is a band from Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded in 2003 by Adis Zvekić and Almir Hasanbegović (former members of Gluho Doba aka Def Age from Zenica) and Brano Jakubović and Vedran Mujagić (former members of Ornamenti from Sarajevo). The band was later joined by guitarist Armin Bušatlić, drummer Senad Šuta, sound engineer Dragan Jakubović, and in 2011 by saxophonist Mario Ševarac.

Dubioza is known for their fresh take on hip-hop, reggae, dub, rock and Bosnian folklore. Initially, the concept of the band came through an urgent need to voice the problematic issues in Bosnian society, while also showing the rest of the world that life in the Balkans exists outside of the familiar and overused media stereotypes. Understandably then, many of Dubioza Kolektiv’s lyrics revolve around themes of peace, understanding and tolerance, alongside an extreme criticism of nationalism and injustice; but what gives these lyrics weight is that they speak with the authority of direct experience.

I told you their website was down, it’s back.

AND HOW COOL IS THIS; You can download their previous cd “5 do 12” (5 to 12) HERE. Just choose if you want the medium MP3 quality/ high quality MP3 or CD quality, the rest speaks for itself (Save file to computer).

Thank you Dubioza for the cool music you make, and for giving us your cd!

Dubioza Kolektiv

Dubioza Kolektiv

January 17, 2012

Dubioza Kolektiv

My new favourite band.

My mission for this year; to get them to Amsterdam to make an unbelievable party together.




Like what you hear? For some reason their site is down so More info;