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March 28, 2012

Food- festivals & events II

Did you notice? I really REALLY like food. Good food.  I’d like to travel the world experiencing food. That, one day will be my dream-trip.

World Food DLCS

World Food DLCS

If you “just” tuned into my blog, you may have missed my post on food festivals….. (I’m working on a way to make older posts more visible on the homepage,but I’m new to this!)

ANYWAY check out this post I wrote last year;  Food- festivals & events and drop me your opinion, info & comments!

December 14, 2011

Food- festivals & events

My favourite food festival is Krompirjeva noč, “potato night”, in the village of Veliko Ubeljsko in Slovenia. Of course it’s all about potatoes (The Dutch would love this festival!) It starts around noon and finishes somewhere the next morning. You pay a few euro’s entrance and can eat as much of the potato dishes as you want.  Throughout the day there are about a dozen of different (simple, peasant) potato dishes, from soup to fries with panceta, potato stew and much more. All neighbouring villages visit (you can find a “lost” Italian,they always find good food,but basically there will not be any tourists), there’s something to do for everyone, games for children, cards competitions for the men, music for the youth. The best fries I’ve ever had, were over here.

For which food- festivals or events is your region known? Where are you from?

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