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August 27, 2015

Home Of Art!

On December 23, 2014, my partner and I opened our Pop Up Art Gallery Home Of Art in the Museum District of Amsterdam, this is the reason I haven’t been blogging much lately.


What’s new?
After these hectic, but inspiring months, we have decided that Home Of Art will become a permanent Art Gallery in Amsterdam, something I could not have imagined a year or even some months ago!


What do we (aim to) do?

  • Home Of Art is an Art Gallery in the Museum District of Amsterdam.
  • Home Of Art is a non for profit organisation and aims to present and promote talented artists.
  • Home Of Art offers a platform for artists that create diverse art forms in the broadest sense possible.
  • Home Of Art combines art with a cozy atmoshphere and unique cultural events such as intimate concerts.




A request: 
If there’s anyone that could/ would voluntarily help us out with our website, please contact me!
 It’s online ( ), but I need help with adding content & making it look good, so until now we have mostly been communicating through Facebook; (Give us a LIKE! We need them.), most of our artworks and an impression of the cultural events we have hosted are there.


Last but not least;
If you’re in Amsterdam, please do pay us a visit! We sell art for every budget and we are pleased to show you around.

Art Gallery ‘’Home Of Art’’
Van Baerlestraat 39H
1071AP Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Besides on Facebook (,
you can also follow Home Of Art on:
Instagram ( ),
Twitter ( ),
and You Tube ( ) !

June 11, 2015

Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra (BGKO) – some music

As you saw in my previous postHome Of Art had the honour to host Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra’s 1st (and 2nd!) concert in Amsterdam on June 1 (and 2) 2015.

BGKO is:
Robindro Nikolic- Clarinet, Serbia/India
Mattia Schirosa- Accordeon, Italy
Julien Chanal- Guitar, France
Ivan Kovacevic- Double Bass, Serbia
Stelios Togias- Percussion, Greece
Sandra Sangiao- Voice, Catalunya

I’d like to share some of their music with you. Enjoy! 

Gelem, Gelem is a song composed by Žarko Jovanović, often used as the anthem of the Romani people. The title has been adapted in many countries by local Roma to match their native orthography and spoken dialect of the Romani language. Some of the song’s many titles include “Gyelem, Gyelem” (Hungarian orthography), “Jelem, Jelem”, “Dzelem, Dzelem”, “Dželem, Dželem”, “Đelem, Đelem” (Croatian and Latin Serbian and Bosnian orthography), “Djelem, Djelem” (German and French orthography), “Ђелем, Ђелем” (Cyrillic Serbian and Bosnian orthography), “Ѓелем, Ѓелем”, “Џелем, Џелем”, “Джелем, джелем” (Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian orthography), “Opré Roma” and “Romale Shavale”.

I present you Djelem Djelem by the Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra: 

Cigani ljubljat pesni is a traditional Russian Gipsy song.
Here’s BGKO’s interpretation, Cigani Ljubiat Pesnji by the Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra: 


And here’s BGKO’s latest clip, just released, Imbarca.


BGKO regularly tours Europe, and I can assure you these clips are nothing compared to hearing them live. Check them out if they’re around you! Keep an eye on their website and/or Facebook page to stay up to date about their touring schedule:

Home Of Art
Van Baerlestraat 39H
1071AP Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(website under construction)

Thank you Wikipedia.



March 10, 2015

Home Of Art presents: A musical art tour with Kariatides Duo

Kariatides Duo: The instruments

Kariatides Duo: The instruments

Another side of the exhibition;
Home Of Art proudly presents Kariatides Duo with Elliot Simpson, guitar and Nick Thess at percussions.

Can you imagine a gallery where you can spend your free time, read a book, listen to unique live music, enjoy your beer with friends, and still being surrounded by art and discover new aspects of our world?!

HOME OF ART is all this, and together with Kariatides Duo we decided to turn our exhibition into a musical surrealistic travel, through the colours, the ideas and the sounds that have inspired some of our main artists.

Special thanks to composers Theofilos Lamprianidis and Fanis Zachopoulos who have composed the music especially for this event.

If you want to experience a totally new “art-tour” you’re welcome to come on Sunday 29 March at 17.00 at Home of Art in Amsterdam!
Entrance is 3 euros.

Kariatides Poster Home Of Art

Kariatides Poster Home Of Art

Click HERE to join the Facebook event
Click HERE to check out the lovely & talented Kariatides Duo
Home Of Art: 

February 16, 2015

Home Of Art Burenborrel 15-02-2015 -An impression

Home Of Art Burenborrel 15-02-2015

Home Of Art Burenborrel 15-02-2015

Home Of Art Burenborrel 15-02-2015 –Click Here for a photo impression.

Home Of Art is currently open Fr/Sat/Sun 13.00-19.00h, BUT contact us via Facebook if you’d like to visit on appointment.

More info about Home Of Art: