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November 21, 2012

Dutch lunch

You know I don’t daily enjoy a typical Dutch lunch, but sometimes I’m a typical Dutchie. Today I went to eat out because its still too cold at the new office, so I was craving for a hot cup of soup. Untill I smelled the kroketten and thought… Why not…


October 19, 2012

Quinoa for lunch

You know I don’t like the typical Dutch lunch; I’m a Dutchie that feels more Mediterranean than Dutch. I try to avoid the peanut butter/ cheese/ bad ham sandwiches as much as I can and therefor I just scored this Quinoa salad. It’s a FUNKY mix with almonds, spinach, cranberries, mushrooms and onions and it’s great!





 The last time I ate quinoa I decided to cook it myself soon, I just remembered. Did you ever make quinoa?

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October 18, 2012

Extra wasabi

Yes! Always EXTRA wasabi for me!


Sushi & vega Japanese snack & Korean pancakes.

May 11, 2012

Lemongrass mint lime lemonade

As I’ve said before, sometimes you have to spoil yourself.


March 29, 2012

Pop-Up Pork Buns Sale@Formocha Premium Tea,Saturday in Amsterdam

You read HERE how much I loved my breakfast on the 18th of this month. It wasn’t just that bun that was supertasty, I enjoyed the whole NeighbourFoodMarket that Sunday morning (read about it HERE). I love this  city, there are so many fun and tasty things to do all the time! Here’s another cool pop-up event;

On Saturday 31st March, from 11.30 – 6pm, chef FongYee Wong of the Bao Project will be representing her delicious pork (AND vega too, don’t worry!) buns at the Formocha Premium Tea shop. Pass by for a bun & a cup or pot of tea (I know I will!). Eat In (Limited seatings) Or Take-Out.

On the menu:

  • There will also be a SPECIAL: Check out on Saturday!
  • PLUS Tea from Formocha.

Formocha Premium Tea Shop, Binnen Dommersstraat 22-24HS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands . 
If you’re not familiar in Amsterdam; the tea shop is very walkable from Central Station.
TIP: Combine your breakfast or lunch at the tea shop with a visit to the biological Noordermarket/ Boerenmarkt, which is a few minutes walk away.

Old picture Noordermarkt- JH_Wijsmuller-Markt bij de Noorderkerk in Amsterdam

Old picture Noordermarkt- JH_Wijsmuller-Markt bij de Noorderkerk in Amsterdam



February 23, 2012

Guess what I just did?

Guess what i just did?

Guess what i just did?



And no, these plates were the result of my friend A. & I eating, not just me alone. I need a nap now. She’s on her way to her high-tea-date now. Including cakes & food & sweets and stuff… HAHA enjoy!

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July 1, 2011

For a change…

I figured out eating bread for lunch every day adds kilo’s. I’m a person that looooooves food and unfortunately am not blessed with a great metabolism or a bodyshape that can handle eating anything. I do eat about everything. I’m jealous of the Bento addicts…I’m too lazy to make such art-pieces for my lunch at the office every day, but I’d love to eat them. I should try to make one on a Sundaymorning or something.. More info about Bento soon. Check Wikipedia for a definition!

Sometimes I bring leftovers or warm soup in the microwave or get a raw herring or fried fish or even a burger or meatball… (less fattening than Dutch bread!- if with moderation) ..or make a salad (but then I end up too lightheaded if I go training after work).

What are your alternatives for eating the Dutch sandwich-with-cheese (or peanutbutter?)? What do you have for lunch if you don’t eat bread/a sandwich? What should I eat for lunch not to get too fat?

Sometimes you just NEED to spoil yourself….This is how I did it today;

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