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May 25, 2012

Turkey Dubstep

I like any kind of REAL music. With real I mean music that is not created with a computer but with instruments, and I do prefer to hear a human voice in it too. I used to hate electronic music until my international-Amsterdam-friends (A.K.A. The Posse) took me to a Bass/Dubstep party I loved; I danced all night.

For them, The PosseI found this clips;

What do you think, guys?

May 11, 2012

De Tanker

Amsterdam is full of cool cultural hotspots.

One of “my” newest discoveries is in the upcoming neighbourhood Amsterdam Noord (North).  De Tanker is a  former gasstation, painted pink. The foundation Stichting Samenscholers manages De Tanker and organises cultural events and get-togethers for the neighbourhood. From sing-along nights, intimate concerts, expositions, meditation sessions and even a dinner on Liberation day, everything seems possible.

Remember I told you about the fresh female vocalists I listened to last December? (Click) Snowapple played at De Tanker on the 3rd of May. They were lovely, beautiful & gorgeous as always. Oh yeah and my….. can they sing!

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I’m awaiting some pics from the organisation of De Tanker/ Stichting Samenscholers, this post is To Be Continued!

More info; Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg 15, Amsterdam Noord
Snowapple (and check how cool… they posted my review on their site 🙂 )

March 26, 2012

International Jewish Music Festival & 3rd International Jewish Music Competition


Amsterdam’s International Jewish Music Festival (IJMF) is hosting the 3rd International Jewish Music Competition, October 11-14, 2012. IJMF will welcome approximately 100 musicians in 24 ensembles from around the world, playing everything from renaissance and rap to classical and klezmer. The competitions in 2008 and 2010 resulted in cash prize awards, recording contracts, and bookings, both at leading Jewish music festivals and at mainstream halls such as the Concertgebouw (the ‘Carnegie Hall’ of Europe). Registration is open until July 1, 2012.

The competition is for ensembles and individual musicians, 16 years or older, specializing in performing Jewish music with the goal of an international career. For the purposes of this competition, “Jewish music” includes all musical genres – classical, liturgical, folk, jazz, pop, world music, etc. – in which Jewish elements are clearly recognizable. Applicants for this unique competition, which takes place October 11-14, are required to submit sample recordings, a press photo and a short biography.

The prizes awarded during the 2010 competition were valued at more than 70,000 euros ($92,000). Besides a grand prize trophy made of alabaster and diamond and 5,000 euros ($6,500) in prize money, the participating ensembles competed for recording contracts, bookings and representation by a leading New York agency. Festival director Ken Gould expects the total prize value in 2012 to approach 100,000 euros ($130,000). “The Competition is a unique showcase in the Jewish music world, and this year we are inviting even more producers and promoters to come and scout among the groups.” The jury will be comprised of prominent figures from the music and recording industry. Past juries included Frank London, Hankus Netsky and Adrienne Cooper.

“These are some of the most motivated musicians I’ve ever seen,” says director Gould. “They come from all around the world at their own expense, which in turn motivates our team to make it worth their while.” But is it worth it, even for the non-winners? “Absolutely. Nearly all of our previous competitors say that participating in the competition has significantly boosted their careers.” With six months to go, IJMF is gearing up to receive applications. “More than a hundred ensembles have inquired about this year’s competition, so apparently word gets around.”

Complete information and the registration form are available online at

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March 13, 2012

Radio FIP

There used to be a time (Highschool time that was) that I spoke a bit of French. I was pretty good at it but didn’t develop my skills.

To not forget everything I learnt AND to listen to beautiful, jazzy- or world- and often unique music, I often listen to French radiostation FipFIP (originally France Inter Paris) is a French radio network, founded in 1971. It is part of the Radio France group.

Check it out, what do you think?



March 13, 2012

Music duel: Jewish klezmer vs Gipsy music – Train de vie

Train de vie, Train of life, (1998) by Radu Mihaileanu; In 1941, the inhabitants of a small Jewish village in Central Europe organise a fake deportation train so that they can escape the Nazis and flee to Palestine. 

I love this movie! And I really like Shlomo.

Schlomo - Train de Vie

Schlomo - Train de Vie


The coolest part of the movie is for me the music duel between the Jewish & the Gipsies.
AAAH That’s TOTALLY my dancing music!
It makes me  feel like partying & dancing barefoot in the gras in the sunshine when I hear that!


For my Portugesa A.! Or Bela Monstro as she’d like to call herself. CHECK IT OUT!


March 7, 2012

My footage in Amsterdam Klezmer Band’s new clip “Op een Goppe”

I totally forgot! Remember I went to the concert of The Amsterdam Klezmer Band? (Read all about it HERE;

Here’s the video of  “Op een Goppe” recorded live by the audience in Paradiso, Amsterdam at their 1000th concert! And HOW COOL!! They used my footage in their clip!!!!  Images @1.03, 1.08, 2.27, 2.44, 2.50 & the last shot are mine! 🙂

I think “Op een Goppe” means “At a wedding”.


Klezmer music makes me happy!


February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston… Rest in Peace

I grew up with her music! Another great artist died.

This was her first tv performance;

To me this was her best;

And  this was her last;


January 27, 2012

Che Sudaka – more free musicheta!

Did you enjoy the cd 5 do 12 from Dubioza Kolektiv? HAVEN’T GOT IT? Read my post over HERE to check how to download the cd FOR FREE.

I’ve got another cool one for you! Woohoo 🙂

Years ago I went to a performance of Che Sudaka in The Winston in Amsterdam. IT WAS CRAZY! The Winston is cool, if you don’t mind a punky atmosphere. It’s in the Red Light District, has a bar, a ho(s)tel (where pornmovies have been shot!), happy hours and a club. I recommend it (the club and bar that is, never seen the hotel from the inside) if you’re not into posh clubs. Che Sudaka is a six-piece band, composed of South Americans residents in Barcelona. They  play “mestizaje music” (Latin Alternative), a style combining traditional South American and Spanish styles with influences from ska, reggae, rock and world music. They have collaborated on projects with amongst others Manu Chao and Amparanoia. Their texts are, like  Dubioza Kollektive’s texts, critical & about the world, injustice & life.

ANYWAY tomorrow night Che Sudaka is performing in the De Melkweg in Amsterdam. GO if you’re ready to jump and feel energetic!

Che Sudaka

Che Sudaka

Untill then, you can enjoy their music at home!


 Click HERE to download Che Sudaka’s cd for free.


January 25, 2012


These dudes absolutely ROCK & they’re putting Croatia on the map.

2CELLOS’s meteoric success started as soon as former cello rivals Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser decided to join forces. In January 2011, they uploaded a cello version of Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson on Youtube. Within just a few weeks, video received over 5 million hits and became the biggest sensation in history of classical and crossover music. Their debut album features unique 2CELLOS versions of well-known rock and pop songs.

Their music speaks for itself, so no more words from me. Let me know what you think!




More info, tourdates, to order the cd;

January 23, 2012

Dubioza Kolektiv II

Remember I introduced you to (click) Dubioza Kolektiv?

Dubioza Kolektiv is a band from Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded in 2003 by Adis Zvekić and Almir Hasanbegović (former members of Gluho Doba aka Def Age from Zenica) and Brano Jakubović and Vedran Mujagić (former members of Ornamenti from Sarajevo). The band was later joined by guitarist Armin Bušatlić, drummer Senad Šuta, sound engineer Dragan Jakubović, and in 2011 by saxophonist Mario Ševarac.

Dubioza is known for their fresh take on hip-hop, reggae, dub, rock and Bosnian folklore. Initially, the concept of the band came through an urgent need to voice the problematic issues in Bosnian society, while also showing the rest of the world that life in the Balkans exists outside of the familiar and overused media stereotypes. Understandably then, many of Dubioza Kolektiv’s lyrics revolve around themes of peace, understanding and tolerance, alongside an extreme criticism of nationalism and injustice; but what gives these lyrics weight is that they speak with the authority of direct experience.

I told you their website was down, it’s back.

AND HOW COOL IS THIS; You can download their previous cd “5 do 12” (5 to 12) HERE. Just choose if you want the medium MP3 quality/ high quality MP3 or CD quality, the rest speaks for itself (Save file to computer).

Thank you Dubioza for the cool music you make, and for giving us your cd!

Dubioza Kolektiv

Dubioza Kolektiv