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April 15, 2012

Kafka’s Soup

Kafka's Soup

Kafka's Soup

Kafka’s Soup is a literary pastiche in the form of a cookbook. It contains 14 recipes each written in the style of a famous author from history.
Recipes include:
tiramisu as made by Proust,
cheese on toast by Harold Pinter,
clafoutis grandmere by Virginia Woolf,
chocolate cake prepared by Irvine Welsh,
lamb with dill sauce by Raymond Chandler,
onion tart by Chaucer, fenkata (rabbit stew) by Homer,
boned stuffed poussins by the Marquis de Sade,
mushroom risotto by John Steinbeck,
tarragon eggs by Jane Austen,
Vietnamese chicken by Graham Greene
and Kafka’s Miso soup.
Also included are recipes in the style of Jorge Luis Borges
and Gabriel García Márquez.

As of 2007,Kafka’s Soup had been translated into 18 languages and published in 27 countries. The Croatian translation proved more popular than the Da Vinci Code, forcing it in to second place on the country’s best seller list. Each recipe in the French version was translated by a separate translator specialising in the translation of the works of the parodied author.

I just borrowed this book in the library and I’m looking forward to reading it & am curious about the recipes!

January 31, 2012

Cookingbooks or cookbooks?

I collect cookingbooks. (or cookbooks?) Anyway… books with recipes.

My French, Spanish and the Balkan languages I practise with the help of cookbooks. Yes, and (sometimes) dictionaries. I would like to have cookingbooks from as many countries as possible, but not just any cookbooks, NO, the most complete ones, with the most authentic recipes. The books that have been passed on for a generation or more already, from grandmom to daughter and so on. Even when not cooking or when not hungry, I go through my cookingbooks,  ’cause it makes me happy.

My favourites are;

My wishlist contains;

The Silver spoon but of course in Italian; Il cucchiaio d’argento, Het Groot Surinaams Kookboek, an old Dutch cookingbook (still trying to figure out which is the best…), a good Chinese cookingbook (no this one not in its own language…), the best Indonesian cookbook (don’t know which is the best yet, have a lot of smal ones which are not the best…), a good Turkish cookingbook and whatever YOU recommend me…..

What is the best cookbook/cookingbook/recipebook from your country?

Which book best represents the cuisine your country has to offer? Which book do you regularly use? Which book did your mom and grandmom use? which book from your country should I absolutely add to my collection?

Oh yeah and;

October 18, 2011

Food- allergy & intolerance; AMINES

A food allergy is an adverse immune response to a food protein. They are distinct from other adverse responses to food, such as food intolerance, pharmacological reactions, and toxin-mediated reactions. Food intolerance or non-allergic food hypersensitivity is a term used widely for varied physiological responses associated with a particular food, or compound found in a range of foods. Food intolerance is negative reaction, often delayed, to a food, beverage, food additive, or compound found in foods that produces symptoms in one or more body organs and systems, but it is not a true food allergy.

For someone who loves food, I should consider myself blessed for not having any food- allergies or intolerances. I basically eat whatever I feel like. Whenever too. This is something I (and perhaps you too?) take for granted I guess..

Recently I had a little girl visiting me who get’s really sick after consuming (cowmilk-) dairy products. Sure I love goatcheese and can put that on my pasta instead of cow-milk-cheese, but the girl is not even aloud to eat “normal” icecream. I had a craving for icecream that day so bought the one kind that she is alloud to eat; soy icecream. She loved it and I disliked the taste so much I didn’t finish mine.  I even tried to make an ice-coffee out of it, it didn’t help. The soy-flavour was stronger than the coffee and I really didn’t like it.

Do you ever realise that there are people that need to really think before they put anything in their mouth?
“Can I eat this?” “What will it do to me?” “How will my body react?” Kind of unbelievable right?

While checking some recipes on WordPress, I came across a woman who (seems to be a great cook! & ) has an amine- allergy or intolerance. Do you know what that is? Or what amines are? Well I had to look it up too; amines are organic compounds and functional groups that contain  a basic nitrogen atom with a lone pair. Well that’s Wikipedia’s explanation, I still don’t understand. (Here’s the full Wikipedia article.)  Michelle, can you give us a hand? Explain us really simply what amines are, please?

Michelle Ferris states on her blog/website (see here; ); “I’m here to prove to myself and to you that eating low amine foods can be delicious.” And she is! If you have any amine-problems, please read her info, check her recipes & start cooking! I can eat whatever I want but I’m looking forward to try some of her recipes, the combination of the flavours and ingredients she uses just water my mouth. Here’s my favourite recipe on her site; Jalapeno mint jelly with lime basil chicken, jumm….

Some more info about food allergy & food intolerance;
Thx again Wikipedia & Michelle Ferris. Good luck with your site!!

Food- allergy/intolerance

Food- allergy/intolerance