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October 8, 2018

FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit

Help us shape the Future of Food Tourism! Get connected with the right people, stimulate your business strategy with compelling food & drink beverage discussions, and much more at the 2018 FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit.

Hear the world’s leading experts discuss innovative case studies, new technologies and unusual business processes to help you gain a competitive edge in the food/beverage tourism industry.

More information about FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit HERE

FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit. DLCS Management

World Travel Market London (WTM)

Will you also be attending the World Travel Market London (WTM),  the leading global event for the travel industry to meet industry professionals and conduct business deals? 

FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit was purposefully scheduled to take place on Sunday, November 4, the day before WTM begins. So, you can attend both events with no additional travel cost – simply arrive one day earlier.  FoodTreX London is WTM’s strategic partner for food and beverage tourism. You will find limited food tourism content at WTM. If food/beverage tourism is important to your business, destination or organisation, then you cannot afford to miss the in-depth discussions and networking at FoodTreX London.

World Travel Market London . DLCS Management

World Food Travel Association 

FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit, is organised by the World Food Travel Association.

“The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) was founded in 2003 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) and has become the world’s leading authority on food and beverage tourism. Today the Association serves a community of 50,000+ professionals in 139 countries. 

Our knowledge, tools and training help trade professionals and organizations to leverage their area’s food and beverage to help create a strong sense of place, which increases visitor arrivals; destination brand equity; and export demand for their area’s food and beverage products.

The World Food Travel Association is the world’s oldest and largest food tourism organization and is highly respected among food, beverage, travel and hospitality industry stakeholders.”

More information about The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) HERE

World Food Travel Association. Eat well, travel better . DLCS Management

The 2018 FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit will take place:
On Sunday, November 4,
from 8:30 am – 5 pm
at Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, 10 Godliman St, LONDON EC4V 5AJ, United Kingdom

Will you also be at FoodTreX London, the Food Travel Innovation Summit ? Perhaps we can meet and exchange ideas about food tourism?


June 1, 2014

Soup? A small research for DLCS

On the picture below you see the first “Caldo Gallego” I have ever tried, a typical Galician soup which I ate in Spain.


Caldo Gallego by DLCS

Caldo Gallego by DLCS


Would you be so kind to do me a favor and post your favorite soup and the country the soup is from below in the comments?


Thank you!

November 24, 2013


Launch of new European food, leisure & tourism specialist DLCS  

DLCS developes and executes food, leisure and touristical concepts, events and travels
gives advice, consults and performs research within these areas,
with a focus on Croatia, The Netherlands and Slovenia.

DLCS is a summary of everything delicious, referring to anything that is beautiful  and tasty, specialising in:

DLCS logo

WHO? The founder of DLCS decided to combine all interests and passions professionally after years of experience in a.o. research and management support.

WHAT? Developing and execution of concepts, events and travels, giving advice, consults and performing of research.

WHY? With a love for anything that’s good and a passion for Amsterdam, Artists & arts, Croatia, Food, Leisure, Nature, Slovenia & Tourism, the founder of DLCS decided to combine everything she likes. This is where the idea of DLCS came from. Because your leisure is my pleasure!

WHERE? DLCS is an internationally oriented European company, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

WHEN? DLCS has been preparing the business since 2011 and since October 2013 DLCS is a fact!


Just a few examples of what DLCS can mean to you:

  • Do you want a customised vacation to Amsterdam, Croatia or Slovenia?
  • Do you want food at your party?
  • Are you an artist that needs hands-on and affordable management?
  • Do you need help with administration or paperwork in Amsterdam?
  • Do you need a topic researched, but you don’t have time to do it yourself?
  • Are you looking for a location for your party?
  • Do you want someone to manage your social media profiles?
  • Do you need online marketing for your business, product or yourself?
  • Would you like a professional to help you brainstorm?
  • Are you organising an event you could use help with?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 25-11-2013

For more information or any requests, contact DLCS via or send an email to .

April 3, 2013

EatWith – a new way of culinary tourism/a new dining experience is a global community marketplace offering unique dining experiences in private homes around the world. Connect with amazing hosts, meet new people and experience the hottest new foodie trend!

When EatWith founder Guy Michlin was on vacation in Crete, the best meal he had was in the home of a local instead of in a restaurant. After visiting the tourist restaurants his wife and he found this personal experience so special, it was worth much more than a visit to a restaurant. He came up with a new business concept, so everyone could experience food this unique way.

EatWith has started the set up of this food community experience in Israel and Spain and will soon expand to the rest of the world.

As host, you choose the menu, dates, times and price. EatWith acts as an intermediary between the two parties and takes 15% on the total price of the dinner or lunch.

The set-up of this  “global community that brings together people who are passionate about cooking  and travelers looking for a different lunch or dinner” has commenced in Israel and Spain, but keep your eyes open; soon you will encounter Eatwith in many more places! Keep an eye on them! I say this community that lets you enjoy authentic and intimate dining experiences in people’s homes will be booming!

Check out the site & browse through your potential future hosts’ profiles:



What do you think about this new concept? Will you join the community when it comes to your hometown or when you visit a new place? 

October 9, 2012

Toilet in the mountainhut

When I was in Slovenia, we visited the mountains and spent some nights up. Everything up there was an incredible experience, even a visit to the toilet…

Toilet in mountainhut

Toilet in mountainhut

Toilet in mountainhut

Toilet in mountainhut

The lake you see down there, is drinkingwater which tasts amazing.

June 12, 2012

All day breakfast at The Breakfast Club in London

I could have made this up; a place where it’s possible to have BREAKFAST ALL DAY.Sometimes you just feel like having breakfast. Sometimes you’re in a different rythm. Anyhow, breakfast is always good. Recommended to me by Tiller’s Tale over here , I thought I didn’t have enough time left to visit the place, so I kind of forget about it. Until we were looking for a place to have lunch, in the pooring rain in the vicinity of Liverpool Street Station (Spitalfields) and ran into The Breakfast Club Cafe.

Having had my first Full English the day before….. and some toasts and homemade English marmelade this morning for breakfast, it was time to have something very filling again. I ordered bangers on a roll with sweet onion chutney and a portobello mushroom (We call a roll a bun on this side of the sea), with a ginger beer. The ginger beer was great! I wish I could buy that over here!

My brunch at The Breakfast Club

My brunch at The Breakfast Club

My brunch at The Breakfast Club

My brunch at The Breakfast Club

My brunch at The Breakfast Club

My brunch at The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club  serves up everything from the traditional English to Pancakes and Eggs Benedict. They even take into account those worried about fitting into their skinny jeans; they serve mueslis, porridge or fruit salads too. As the day progresses they move on to a range of wraps, burgers, burritos, pies, sharing plates and salads. All this washed down with fairtrade lattes, smoothies and a range of beers, wines and cocktails.

The Breakfast Club Cafe's menu

The Breakfast Club Cafe’s menu

Interesting detail; when my brunch-partner ordered a glass of tap water, it was served in a Grolsch (beer) beugelfles. Very stylish, like the rest of the establishment. I love the looks of the place. The design is beautiful and I definitely felt at home.

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior - Ladies room

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior – Ladies room

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior - Ladies room

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior – Ladies room

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

The Breakfast Club Cafe Spitalfields interior

June 12, 2012

Vietnamese street food restaurant Pho in Soho, London

The only Vietnamese food I ever consumed are Vietnamese loempia’s (springrolls). This changed when I visited London. From now on I love Vietnamese food like I love Indonesian (got some of my grandmoms leftovers for lunch at work today, woohoo!), Thai, Malaysian, Japanese and Chinese food. But when I think of it…is there any Asian kitchen I don’t like? I’m not very familiar with Korean  food for example yet but I’m sure I’ll like it too, for me it’s never too exotic…..

Pho opened in Clerkenwell in June 2005 as London’s first Vietnamese street food restaurant.
They’re family run, small, informal and serve great value, deliciously healthy and authentically prepared Vietnamese food . They specialise in the Vietnamese national dish, pho, an amazingly tasty and nutritious noodle soup, as well as other wonderful Vietnamese foods, coffees (served Vietnamese style including the renowned weasel coffee! ), beers and fresh juices. They now have 5 restaurants in London and one restaurant in Brighton. Pho Soho is right in the middle of Wardour Street in a listed building once home to a famous furniture designer of the 1790’s. It’s a uniquely shaped restaurant with lots of character – original brickwork, old sash windows and 3 fireplaces. Pho Soho seats around 58 and offers Pho’s full menu eat in and takeaway seven days a week.

Check the menu

We entered the busy place around 2200 pm, were told to have a drink at he bar, but we were already seated after 5 min. We kicked off with some kroepoek; prawn crackers with chilli sauce. I ordered Bun Bo Hue, a hot ad spicy brisky beef soup or pho, served with a chilli shrimp paste (This dish tasted like it was made especially for me! It contains everything I like!)  accompanied by a homemade lemonade with limes & Vietnamese Hanoi vodka. It tasted like an unbelievably good lemonade without vodka. I saw the waitresss poor in the vodka, it was definitely there. I’ll have to figure out how to make such a lemonade before the picnick season starts again (it’s rainy. Very rainy.). TIPS?

Pass by Poh if you would like an affordable & filling & very tasty dinner. Or lunch ofcourse.
More info:
Monday to Saturday 12 – 11pm
Sunday 12pm – 10pm
Address: 163-165 Wardour Street, London, W1F 8WN,

So… What is your ultimate lemonade-recipe (Don’t worry, child-friendly-lemonade is perfect, the rest comes later.) ?

June 7, 2012

Lon V

London was simply amazing. I love that city! I liked it much more than I expected.

Some things are really tough to get used to though, I can manage crossing a street without getting hit by a car, I simply look into every direction before I cross 😉 .

Look right by DLCS

Look right by DLCS

But on the tube (which made me apreciate my bicycle and the max. 25 min. cycle distance with which you can reach about any place in Ams, even more) I get lost. You walk on the right sight of the left stairs. My brains didn’t seem to want to understand this. I was non-stop in the way of other people in a hurry and then they apologised to me after bumping into me, the Londoners are soo polite! Another thing I didn’t understand in London was why most bathrooms have a separate pipe for hot & cold water? I had never seen this before…


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June 3, 2012


Borough Market; heaven In London. The coolest place in Lon. Yes, even more cool than Camden Market! The best market I’ve ever been to….

Not sure if it was a good or a bad thing I came here after my English brekkie…



To be continued.

June 2, 2012

Lon II

My 1st English breakfast in London!