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July 22, 2011

I want it all. Inspired by Holland’s sexiest vegan.

After hearing an interview on Dutch radio 1 with Lisette Kreischer on June 30 (click) , I was impressed.

Lisette Kreischer
This woman seems to know her food.

In fact, she seems to LIVE FOOD too.

PLUS she has ideals and communicates these.

On top of all this she sounded very happy, intelligent and approachable and after listening to the interview a few questions arose to me.  On the radio they mentioned how sexy she is and that she participated in the “sexiest vegetarian of 2010 election”. Of course after hearing this I instantly googled her and wow.. I read some articles, checked her sites, her work, some clips….. from that moment on, she’s a total source of inspiration to me. I thought; why not just try to ask her the questions that came up to me? In the worst case she just doesn’t want to answer them…  

Unfortunately Lisette  didn’t win the sexiest-vegetarian-competition though (Re-run in 2011? Let’s all vote for her!),  the winner was Sanne Vogel. I had to look her up too.. doesn’t look bad, seems talented, but I’d still vote for Lisette because after speaking to her I figured out one can’t be more aware of food than she is! She was the only vegan (For the layman, check what that entails here on Wikipedia -click- ) entering the competition so let’s just call her Holland’s sexiest vegan. Initially I just wanted to ask her 3 foodie-Q’s, but after some research I figured out she has many passions and interests and that she found a way to professionally combine these. That is exactly my goal in life. I am currently trying to figure out how to shape this.

She indeed turned out to be as nice & communicative as I thought (and yes, I did honestly tell her I’m a meat- lover. I also told her that I try to eat meat -and anything else- consciously.)
so here’s the result of my talk to her;

…Funny! I just talked about this with a friend; Roos (click). She’s capable, brilliant, she can do so much, she wants a lot, and she asked me; Do I have to put aside everything I like to just focus on one thing? I told her that I think if you keep track yourself and have an overview, and keep 1 vision in mind in everything you do, even when expressed in different ways and shapes, those ways and the outcomes will be pure. As long as you have a clear image of what you want yourself.

I was one of the people with the prejudice that all vegetarians look unhealthy. You look healthy and even sexy! What is your secret? I mean…I’ve never met you, all I know of you could be photo-shopped or adapted, but I don’t get that impression..

Everything you see, everything I present, is real-life. The pictures have not been photo-shopped, the food is real, there’s no hairspray over it, we just eat it after making pictures of it.

Humans are not meat-eaters, nor plant-eaters. Man can perfectly well live on any kind of diet. Shortages have often been discussed in the medical world: everyone is ill, allergic, sensitive.. I just see the possibility, the option of taking care of myself well. I’m just a human. I don’t eat healthy and balanced because I have knowledge, but because I listen. I didn’t study for this or anything like that. I listen to myself. To the signals my body gives. For example; what do proteins do to me? What gives me energy? What is the effect of certain nutrients? Is my stomach bothering me? You feel that. You listen to it. I’m vegan for 10 years, vegetarian for 20 years and I’m almost 30. Food is energy. I have no ailments, no illnesses… I do have to knock on wood now. I consume enough vitamins and feel good. I can enjoy everything. I am the human I am,  a phenomenon on earth, a creature, an animal.. I need energy and make sure I get it down. I’ve gotten stronger and more resilient in the past few years. I do Yoga, dance and in the most recent years even feel the desire to practise active sports such as surfing and kite-surfing. When I want some extra energy I have nuts, grains or extra Spirulina. If your diet is good and balanced you don’t miss out on anything else.

I do think you have much more awareness of what you eat than some others…

More aware.. well yeah it’s my profession. You have to think about what’s your mission on this eart
h. What is your dream? Who do you want to be? What would you like to do as a human? I think about these kind of things since I was little. I used to really think about the big questions-of-life; What is life? How does nature work? Many people are disconnected from what it’s really about. Food is very important. You put it in your mouth, so you have to know what it is.

I really love tasty, good and healthy food but do catch myself on sometimes being too lazy or undisciplined when it comes to food. You know; I work, I have a busy social life… Do you think that even the lazy-and-always-busy-youngsters-of-today could be vegetarian/vegan?

5 years ago, my 
goal was to reach “The Mass”. Now I’ve reached everything but the mass. Of course I got through to the “cultural creatives” first. They are first in line for everything that’s hip AND they are aware. I also want to reach those crazy, busy sweet-tooth’s, hence my next upcoming cookingbook; “Ecofabulous, wat de pot schaft”. I was writing just now, today is my writing-day. This book will contain simple but tasty and healthy dishes such as the Dutch “Stamppot”. Many youngsters ARE interested in the background of food, but the background is not always clear nor easy to check. Here for I would like to reach a wider target-group, hence the stand on Mysteryland (Are You going to Mysteryland on August 27 (click) ? Visit Lisette in the Ecofabulous Area!) . There you find the “mainstream audience”, the “snelle Jelle” (Snelle is the Dutch word for quick and Jelle is a Dutch boy’s name. Dutch expression for person in a hurry). I would like to make them aware of what they eat. I DO understand why they are so busy, but I always did what I wanted. Never got “stuck” in a job. I don’t recognise being lazy related to food but when it comes to Yoga or sports I do. That is for me less natural than being aware of what I eat. I know it’s good for me. The easy way has less and less power for me. The escape of the easy way out doesn’t do it for me anymore then.

After my first question you have actually already answered my 3rd one…

Oh but I have more to say about this, ask me!

Ok. Why would you convince me to not eat meat anymore anyway?

It’s just Win-Win. You spend less money, you can buy more products, you can keep your products longer. I buy a lot in bulk, for example big chunks, grains. I live by the seasons. Digesting meat and dairy costs a lot of energy. Plants are much easier to digest. 45 billion animals die a year because of meat and the bio-industry. 
The Meat Industry is responsible for 18% of the total CO2 emissions and 13% of the transport sector. Eating meat is also very environment-unfriendly! It creates a giant part of the climate change problem. If we would all consume plants it would matter so much! In 2050 we’ll have to feed 9 billion people and we are already low on food! If we would all only consume plants, there would be many more possibilities for use of the earth, we could for example feed 4 billion people extra.

There are many sensitive people like you, people who think about what they eat, who are aware of what they consume, if they would all quit eating meat to make a statement, it would still not be enough. Most people don’t know that because of animal-consumption we also waste a lot of water. If you really want to know what you eat as a consumer, you would have to study this 7 days a week. There is too little knowledge and information is tough to find. On top of this, the government already subsidies the dairy and meat industry. From being small and onwards, one hears that drinking milk is good, but IS milk suitable for human consumption? We could completely live on vegetable food; seaweed is the future. It is easy to produce on small scale. You just need water and sunlight! The protein-level in seaweed is very high and easier to take in by the body than proteins from meat. Calcium from milk is for example not easy taken in by the body. Calcium from broccoli on the other hand is. Are we meant to consume diaryproducts? Because of the surplus of milk, we even over-consume it. Does this have anything to do with all those allergies people have? I’m not a dietician so I don’t know this but I do wonder…  

Do you use supplements on top of your regular nutrition? How do you make sure you take on everything?

I use Spirulina (click for Wiki) and eat a lot of seaweed. I also take vitamin B12 (click), because usually we take this on from animal consumption. It’s for example produced in the stomach of the cow. I could also retrieve it from cow-manure, but I doubt that it will be very tasty with some salt and pepper..

For more info on Lisette Kreischer, her activities & living Ecofabulous, 
Lisette Kreischer

    Lisette Kreischer








Thanks Lisette for your time, info & pics

& Thx Wikipedia for making us wiser !