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May 14, 2014

1000 followers & Ball de bastons

I had never expected people to be interested in what I write here. I’m grateful to have so many readers (50.136 so far!) and followers (1003 by now!)!


To celebrate, here’s a short clip I made during one of the festivities in Badalona, Catalunya I attended last week. What you see is the traditional Catalonian Ball de bastons (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈbaʎ də βəsˈtons]stick dance) is the name of a ritual weapon dance spread throughout Europe and the rest of the Iberian area (cossiers in Majorca, Portuguese pauliteiros, Aragonese palotiau, Basque ezpatadantza and Spanish paloteo or troqueado) but mostly in Catalonia. English and Welsh Morris dances are well-known relatives to these traditions. The origins of dance are difficult to reference; first recorded mention dates to 1150, in a banquet of Count Berenguer IV) (with thanks to Wikipedia)


As promised a few posts ago HERE , I announced I would thank # 1000 with a personal gift.

Thank you Nikki Lehnert  (http://nikkilehnert.wordpress.comfor being my 1000th follower!!
I think you might be in the crazy city of Amsterdam now, could you let me know how long you are staying?
Perhaps I could meet you and give you my gift personally. Or show you one/some of my favorite hotspots and buy you a drink.


May 5, 2014

5 May in The Netherlands

Happy Liberation Day to my fellow Dutchies!


Bevrijdingsdag DLCS

Bevrijdingsdag DLCS


Today we celebrate we are FREE. Yesterday, 4 May, we thought of those that are not.


For this cause there are lots of festivals and parties today, while the country has only just recovered from its first Kingsday.


Kingsday 2014 DLCS

Kingsday 2014 DLCS


For more information in English about 4 & 5 May in The Netherlands, click HERE


For the complete program for all the festivals and parties today (Dutch) CLICK HERE   


My tips: Remember the Amsterdam Klezmer Band?  Check: Today @19.00 they play in the Westerpark in Amsterdam and you can listen to them for FREE.


Het Vrije Westen

Het Vrije Westen


Plus not to forget; for a classic (and one of the best!) FREEDOM party: visit the Homo Monument.


Homomo:Bevrijdingsdag DLCS -photo taken from Facebook:

Homomo:Bevrijdingsdag DLCS -photo taken from Facebook:

June 26, 2013

Amsterdam Roots Festival

The 16th  edition of Amsterdam Roots Festival returns to Amsterdam from 4 to 7 July 2013. Taking place in five locations around Amsterdam, the festival features four days of music from all cultures and corners of the world. Expect to experience the latest development in world sounds, inspiring headliners, up-and-coming international talents at the city’s venues. Amsterdam Roots concludes festively with the annual outdoor festival Roots Open Air in the Oosterpark.

Roots Indoor

Well-known city venues such as Bimhuis and Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ traditionally host the Roots Indoor programming. This year’s programming gives platform to inspiring acts. For example, Bombino (Niger) a Sahel blues rocker who has recently collaborated with The Black Keys, will headline in the Melkweg on Thursday July 4th. At the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Brazilian stars Paulinho Leite & Andre Rio explore and celebrate Carnaval & Fórro from Pernambuco. Vibrant big band Spok Frevo turns out elaborated arrangement from Frevo, Brasil.

Roots Open Air

The festival traditionally culminates in the fabulous Roots Open Air in Oosterpark on Sunday July 7th. From noon until 22.00, visitors can enjoy a day filled with music across multiple stages spread throughout the leafy park, with both international and local bands, the latest talent from Amsterdam, DJs, dance workshops, adventurous kids’ programming and extensive market with exotic foods and accessories and a lot more. Foodies surely won’t be disappointed by the variety of global goodies to be sampled.

This year singer-songwriter Rokia Traoré (Mali) headlines Roots Open Air. Having just released her latest album Beautiful Africa and performed in the musical theatre production Desdemona at Holland Festival, it’s the perfect time to catch this mesmeric songstress.

Other highlights include guitarist Jupiter Bokondji (Congo), singer-songwriter Emel Mathlouthi (Tunisia) – who became known for her protest songs during the Arab Spring – and the avant-garde classical and rock of Geomungo Factory (South Korea). As well as showcasing non-Western pop music; the Bass Stage will celebrate 5-year anniversary and blast out slices of modern bass and electronic music with a global twist. Urban Groove stage showcases some of the best international innovative acts such as Coely (Congo/Belgium), Next of Kin (NL), Gato Preto (PT) the world and Amsterdam has to offer.

Roots Open Air requires a small entrance fee of €7.50. Entrance for children aged 16 and under remains free.

For me the higlight of the festival is the yearly Roots Open Air. One of the best parties of the year! Check out the schedule below, see you in the Oosterpark on July 7 to make a dance?

Amsterdam Roots Open Air 2013

Amsterdam Roots Festival 2013

Amsterdam Roots Festival 2013

September 3, 2012

The 9th Cordoba African Film Festival launches a crowdfunding campaign

A friend asked me if I could help her out by showing my readers what she is busy with… Please read, pass on the info, support and visit the festival if you’re around!

9th Cordoba African Film Festival

9th Cordoba African Film Festival

The 9th Cordoba African Film Festival launches a crowdfunding campaign

The Cordoba African Film Festival announces the launching of an international crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, a website allowing people to become patrons of a cause by donating money in exchange for rewards.

“Despite a number of financial uncertainties, we have decided to take the risk and organize the coming edition”, says Mane Cisneros, FCAT Cordoba director. “The goal of our Indiegogo campaign is to raise 12 000 $ before the 30th of September”.

Over the past 8 editions, Cordoba African Film Festival has received support mainly from Spanish public institutions. Among them the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Casa Africa, the regional Government of Andalusia and the City Council of Cordoba. Today, barely a month away from the festival’s inauguration, several of the festival’s traditional donors have not yet confirmed their support. Only the City Council of Cordoba and the Andalusia regional government have so far confirmed a 160 000€ allocation. On another hand, the festival’s oldest and strongest donor, Casa Africa, has overnight withdrawn all support. This insecurity stems from the recent, sizable cutbacks in the Spanish government’s budget for culture (21% compared to last year) and development cooperation (72%).

Instead of cancelling the event, as has been the case with a great number of Spanish festivals, FCAT Cordoba organizers have decided to adapt to a budget half of last year’s. “Through crowdfunding we hope to cover part of the festival’s production and logistic expenses; other expected financial inflows will come from box office and merchandising sales”, says Mane Cisneros. “It only takes 5 minutes to make a donation through our campaign website; donors choose the amount they wish to donate, starting from 15€, and are then entitled to a variety of rewards which they can recover at the festival”. Beside the Indiegogo international platform, FCAT Cordoba has also launched a Spanish-speaking national campaign on La Tahona Cultural website in conformity with other Spanish endangered festivals.

We believe our action is humanly worthwhile. Please visit our crowdfunding campaign and support us!

Indiegogo’s international crowdfunding campaign for the 9th Cordoba African Film Festival:

“Despite a number of financial uncertainties, we have decided to take the risk and organize the coming edition”, says Mane Cisneros, FCAT Cordoba director. “The goal of our Indiegogo campaign is to raise 12 000 $ before the 30th of September”.


he 9th Cordoba African Film Festival will showcase around 100 feature films, documentaries, short films and animated films from the African continent, virtually all unscreened in Spain. The festival program will feature 10 Official Sections, including a retrospective on Algerian cinema and a pan Arabic film section. Other than cinema, internationally acclaimed dancers Germaine Acogny and Chloé Brûlé will perform, during the inauguration ceremony, a unique choreography drawing on the African roots of flamenco.

Over the years, the African Film Festival has made a name for itself by conveying filmmakers, film professionals and journalists from African, Mediterranean and Arab countries. Until the 8th edition the festival took place in Tarifa, Europe’s southern city, and was known as FCAT Tarifa. In 2011, around 6000 attendees and 200 film professionals gathered at the festival, most of the latter coming from the African continent. This year, FCAT Cordoba will feature the 4th Coproduction forum, in which filmmakers from African and Arab countries will pitch their scenarios in closed doors sessions so as to get Spanish and European production companies involved in their film projects. Moreover, seminars and scheduled debates will provide an insightful space for filmmakers, the public, students and media to gather and exchange.

In other words, FCAT Cordoba will provide what it is best known for: an informal yet professional meeting point to find viable ways to support the African film industry and its spread in Europe and in Spanish speaking countries. The festival’s mission, despite a substantial lack of funding, is to support, spread and promote filmmaking as well as other artistic expressions to effectively aid in the consolidation of the many African and Arab cultural identities.

Beyond the event, FCAT Cordoba’s aim to spread African films in Spanish-speaking countries continues through its program Cinenomada. Thanks to the Festival film archive, a collection including more than 700 African titles in original version subtitled in Spanish, Cinenomada has already travelled to 49 cities and has provided films in more than 220 cinema sessions and festivals in Spain. Since 2006, also in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, where access to African films is likely to be difficult, FCAT Cordoba has contributed to the ‘africanization’ of film festival programs. Last but not least, the festival’s yearly catalogues are an indispensable tool for event programmers all over the world.

Without FCAT Cordoba and its film archive, African films will be doomed to disappear from Spanish screens.

Film Program of the 9th Cordoba African Film Festival

Competitive Sections:

  • The African Dream: section on feature films made by African directors and / or produced by an African country in the last 2 years;
  • On the other side of the Strait: section dedicated to documentaries made by African directors and / or produced by an African country in the last 2 years;
  • Africa in Short: section dedicated to short films by African directors and / or produced by an African country in the last 2 years.

Non-competitive Sections:

  • AfroScope: panoramic section comprised of African and international films depicting contemporary Africa.
  • Animafrica: animated films section.
  • Africa in Rythm: films about African music and/or dance.
  • Panarabica: contemporary films produced in Arab countries outside Africa.

Retrospective and monographic sections:

  • Algeria, 50 Years of History and Cinema: a selection of the greatest Algerian film features.
  • Films and Cities: the African city through cinema.
  • Abderrahmane Sissako’s Little Film Library: 5 films selected by the Mauritanian award-winner filmmaker.

The 9th Cordoba African Film Festival takes place from13 – 20 October 2012.

For more info check:

or contact: ŸMarion Girard Cisneros ,ŸInternational Press Officer Ÿvia or Ÿ+34954272800

July 5, 2012

New in Amsterdam: Lockdown Festival

You know I love festivals… here’s a new one;

New in Amsterdam: Lockdown Festival.

Reblogged from

Lockdown Festival Amsterdam

October 12, 2011

Amsterdam (Alliantie) Roots Open Air

On of my favourite Festivals… It’s free AND outdoors! Mark the date for 2012; Sunday July 8 Oosterpark, Amsterdam.

Featuring renowned artists and emerging talent, the Festival showcases latest developments and crossovers in music , all with roots from cultures outside Western Europe. The guiding theme of the festival is Tracks, showing how cultural background and traditions play a role and are an inspiration for making music.

For an impression of the sound of Roots Open Air 2011 Click here

For more info check here for Dutch or here for English

Amsterdam Rootsfestival 2011

Amsterdam Rootsfestival 2011


September 1, 2011

Hot and Spicy Food Festival 2011

Hot and Spicy Food Festival 2011.

 That sooooo sounds like my thing! Another reason to visit Toronto, wish I could make it this wknd!


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