Some of you really disliked my last Musicheta on Food (II, see HERE). I looove the ladies, I think they are true performers and know how to make a show. I’d love to see them live AND I’m still looking for the perfect burek-recipe, FYI everyone!

I got more positive feedback on the French Musicheta on food (I, THIS one), I think these dudes are very funny too.

I’m still trying to make an as-complete-as-possible list of Musicheta on food and thx to some friends I can add some more.

This website; , courtesy of Peter Bochan, has a beautiful list ofย  525 songs on food.I still have to review this list and listen to aaaaaal the songs so I’d love to hear your comments & reviews!


Here’s a traditional Sardinian recipe:

And one of my fave’s, an Italian classic;

Thank you Mr Bochan of ,
M. for helping me with my research, and some members of “The posse” for providing me with their Italian fave’s.