Some people are very intimidated by the thought of meal prepping. I do have to warn you, once you start, you’ll get very inventive! Meal prepping does not just mean standing the whole Sunday in the kitchen and preparing and cooking a whole lot of things for the upcoming work week(s). Unless you want to, of course! I know people that are revolted by this idea, but I must say I love Sundays like these.

For me meal prepping is a part of my intentions to eat and live more consciously, healthy and waste free. It feels like a natural process; just a few month in some of my habits have changed and some things already come naturally!

Working from home this morning, I skipped breakfast (unless you count coffee as breakfast), so I needed a strong brunch before heading out to the next job. I decided on an omelette and found some already blanched kale in the fridge (From the freezer! I bought a huge bunch on a farmer’s market in Croatia a while back, froze it in different sized portions in mason jars and anticipated yesterday that I’d eat it at some point this weekend.) So, my kale omelette brunch was born. If I would have had cheese in the house, I would have probably added it, but the added ginger and turmeric gave it an additional healthy kick. My omelettes are always different. You can add whatever you have and like. I can eat them several times a week. They’re perfect for any moment of the day, can be combined with more than you think and can sustain me during a few working hours or even a training.

Meal prepping intimidating? DLCS
Meal prepping intimidating? DLCS


Can you see what I did there on the photo? I cut the omelette in 4 pieces, ate 3 and will add the 4th to another meal within a few days. That’s anticipation and meal prepping is all about anticipation! More tips coming up soon!

Do you meal prep? What are your personal tips? And what is your favorite omelette recipe?