Dominique is born, my sourdough starter

“Until the introduction of commercial yeast about 200 years ago, people had baked with sourdough for thousands of years. The slow fermentation of a true sourdough makes grains more digestible, boosts nutrition and produces delicious real bread. But you’ll need to make a starter before you can make the bread.”


An excerpt from the Zero Waste Chef, my inspiration for making my own sourdough starter baby. Thank you!


Dominique, DLCS sourdough starter inspired by the Zero Waste Chef - the making of

Dominique, DLCS sourdough starter inspired by the Zero Waste Chef – the making of


Have a look at the Zero waste chef’s detailed instructions on starting a starter HERE.


Dominique, DLCS sourdough starter inspired by the Zero Waste Chef

Dominique, DLCS sourdough starter inspired by the Zero Waste Chef

Dominique. Born 13-10-2018. 


Fingers crossed! It will take about 5-7 days to find out if she’s viable.


10 Comments to “Dominique is born, my sourdough starter”

  1. How is Dominique? Freddy Farter never ceases to surprise me with his smell and swell! My family had to evacuate for the hurricane in PCB, FL….needless to say, Freddy came with us!

    • That’s so difficult for me from “safe” Europe to comprehend; I hope apart from Freddy and yourself the rest of your family is safe as well.

      Dominique seems to be doing good. She’s only 4 days old and I was surprised to see that she already started bubbling after 24 hours. I thought that doesn’t happen until after 5-7 days. She’s already smelly and I didn’t realise she’d smell, I’ve got so much to learn!

      What’s your favorite discard recipe?

  2. I use to think the smell was pretty weird but, now I love it! I guess it’s a smell of success! Ha! Sourdough pancakes are pretty good. I once made cheddar and bacon sourdough breakfast muffins and they were TOO good! I had to try and pretend they weren’t there in an attempt to stop eating them!!!

    • Thanks! I’m slightly nervous, I hope she’ll make it! The smell is weird indeed, but the bubbling that was there after 24 hrs is now gone. It’s been 5 days and I feel impatient.

      • I remember reading that it takes off initially and then falls into a bit of a dormant phase. Don’t worry! Dominique will return!! Keep feeding him, keeping a muffin batter consistency, always use distilled water or water that has been sitting out for at least 2 hours, keep the lid ajar and put him in a warm spot!

        It took a long tome for Freddy to be consistent and sometimes, still, I forget to feed him here and there. He peeks back up after a few days and we’re back in stinky business!!!

      • Thanks! She’s doing fine by now! After being fed, she started growing massively, so I’ve made my first discard crackers yesterday- and ate them all.

      • I’ve never made crackers! I would love to have the recipe!! Will you be posting the recipe?

      • Yes, will do! I’ll make them once more first, so I can improve the recipe I used.

  3. I’ve made a starter once but never got to making bread with it.. I wonder what it taste like!

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