I have not been very successful baking sourdough bread from my own sourdough starter baby Dominique. I can cook, but baking is a a new world to me, as I’m inpatient and find it hard to stick to recipes. When it comes to cooking, I like to improvise and that doesn’t work either baking. I owe the fact I passed my chemistry classes in high school to Bob who allowed me to cheat every single test and experiment from him. I was having a great time with Dominique’s sourdough discard though and inspired by The Zero Waste Chef I even came up with some food waste free recipes myself. Keep an eye on the blog for that!

Hectic lifestyle, work and travel made me decide to put Dominique asleep in the fridge a couple of months ago. I guess I wasn’t ready… I decided to try to perfect baking regular bread before waking her up and being a dedicated sourdough mom.

I woke her up about a week ago and despite not being home for 3 days, as soon as I fed her again, she happily bubbled and burped. Since I’ve got good intentions regarding the hectic lifestyle, I plan to pick up my road to baking my own sourdough bread. Also, I was inspired by a great sourdough pizza I ate while traveling this wknd.

This morning I woke up and felt it’s the day; I’m ready. After just making the leaven and soaking the grains, I saw on Dominique’s name tag that she is 1 year old today! I don’t believe in coincidences, this must be meant to be!

DLCS Sourdough baby Dominique Sourdough starter DLCS Management Inspired by Zero Waste Chef
DLCS Sourdough baby Dominique Sourdough starter DLCS Management Inspired by Zero Waste Chef

So, happy birthday Dominique! Here’s a video I filmed in our gallery Home of Art in 2015, today especially for Dominique. Sound up: 

“On October 23 in 2015, Zoltán Kisák (guitar) celebrated his birthday at art gallery Home of Art with an intimate Gipsy Jazz / Jazz Manouche concert with Diarmuid Lally on guitar and Vincent Arp on bass, followed by an afterjam. At some point all of the present musicians surprised Zoltán and here’s how that went.”

How did your first ventures with your sourdough starter go? Was your first try of baking a sourdough bread successful?

P.S.: Wish us luck! Of course I’ll keep you updated.